Old Navy’s Latest Vintage Kenner Tees

Old Navy has just released their follow-up to this Summer's Kenner Imperial tee and it is a new tee that of the heroes of A New Hope. This second shirt to feature vintage action figures from the mall retailer has been found both in brick and mortar stores and online. These tees feature the same Kenner figure images that are a part of LFL/Disney's current style guide. The links to order a tee of your own can be found in the links below. A big thanks to our Canadian Correspondent Paul Van Dyk for the heads-up! Star Wars™ Vintage Toys Graphic Unisex Tee Star Wars™ Darth Vader & Stormtroopers Gender-Neutral Tee for Men & Women

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More Star Wars Action Figure Appearances from Dan!

One thing we love, is finding Star Wars action figures pop-up in media and so when we are looking for new appearances we look to our resident expert Dan Geister. Dan has the sharpest eye for finding figure cameos and since we have been on quarantine there have been a lot of discoveries due to our new normal of watching an abundance of new and old media. So let's begin our update to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with an update to a pre-existing entry! Dan sent along this update for a sequel to one of the few horror films in the database. 1987 – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 The 1985 film Joey, which was released in North America under the name [...]

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A Legend Retires, So What Now?

Yesterday, Hasbro sent news of some changes they are making to their Star Wars brand team. Legendary designer Mark Boudreaux who started his four-decade run making Star Wars toys at Kenner for the release of Star Wars will be retiring. After 43 fantastic years creating some of the most iconic Star Wars toys and vehicles Mark Boudreaux will be retiring. His work has had a tangible impact on the Star Wars universe and been formative in creating the Hasbro Star Wars brand we know today. ·         Chris Reiff will be joining the Hasbro Star Wars design team as an Associate Principal Designer. With experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy, including working professionally on Star Wars for 25 years, Hasbro is thrilled to have someone of Chris’ caliber join the team. [...]

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Our Favorite New Action Figure Resource

A few months ago we discovered a new wonderful visual resource for tracking action figures, weapons, vehicles and playsets in a simple image. The social media-based Action Figure Checklists creates visual checklists for action figure toylines that are extremely helpful for those wanting to make sure their collection or figure is complete. The collector and creator of Action Figure Checklists is William Stonum who came up with the concept as a way to track his own collections when toy hunting. With over 135 visual checklists currently available and more on the way, Stonum has put in a ton of work for the benefit of action figure collectors of all types. While we specialize here on Star Wars action figures, we are collectors and lovers of so [...]

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The Kenner Cameo in Galaxy’s Edge

As stated yesterday, we have returned from our Summer vacation from the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland! As one might expect our main reason for going was to immerse ourselves in the new world of Batuu! The Black Spire Outpost in Galaxy's Edge is full of an insane number of Star Wars references from all over fandom. The experience visiting the marketplace, Oga's Cantina, Hondo's Ohnaka Transport Solutions and Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities is truly magical for any fan of the Star Wars universe. But it should go without saying, one of the details found in Dok-Ondar's shop stood out to use beyond all others. Just over the shoulder of Dok himself sits a Kenner cameo going back to 1979! Blue Snaggletooth's head and trademark belt [...]

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Final Chance to Back The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book

We are just over a day away from the ending of the Kickstarter initiative to fund Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book. The campaign has been wildly successful as it has in the last 44 days, not only funded but met nine out of ten stretch goals. It currently is less than $8,000 away from achieving its tenth, which would be a digital version of the book. Currently, backers will not only get a book chock-full of additional content due to the stretch goals being met but they will also receive a folio set of the chapter break images, a three coin set, and an updated version of Kenner's Star Wars is Forever poster (shown below) created by the original photographer Kim Simmons. [...]

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Super7’s ReAction SDCC Exclusive

Today Super7 released images of their upcoming ReAction San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Their Robot "Maria" figure, from the 1927 film Metropolis, features packaging which is a direct tribute to Kenner's vintage The Power of the Force line. In addition to the card back, it also includes a collectible coin just like the 1985 series. Maria from the classic 1927 Science Fiction silent film Metropolis makes her San Diego @Comic_Con debut as this exclusive 3.75" ReActon Figure with vac-metal finish and collectible coin. Only available at Booth 2543 while supplies last. Meet her next week in San Diego! We are absolutely in love with this figure as it also includes both a silver leg just like C-3PO and but is also vac metalized, which is a [...]

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Vintage Kenner Figures in Toy Story 4

This past weekend, Toy Story 4 made its debut and so did the animated versions of two of our favorite vintage Kenner action figures! As we discussed earlier this year, Walrus Man and Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi from 1978 are featured in the latest addition to the Toy Story franchise. SPOILER WARNING: While their appearance is very brief it is reminiscent of their encounter in the Mos Eisley Cantina. When Woody enlists his old sweetheart Bo in a mission to recover his Bonnie's new "toy" Forky, they visit a pinball machine which acts like a speakeasy club for lost toys. On their way to recruit Duke Kaboom they past a dismembered Zebra plush who sits next to Old Ben and Panda Boba reenacting their first interaction. In [...]

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Celebrate #MayTheFourth with the Retro Collection

This May the Fourth, Hasbro is celebrating the Saga with the upcoming release of the Retro Collection line of figures. Hasbro has sent us and their promotional partners a free special delivery "inspired by Kenner's iconic Early Bird Certificate Package." The cardboard mailer includes a replica of the sticker sheet included with the original Early Bird kit and an informational card about #MayTheFourth. The back of the package includes the press release information about the 3.75-inch Retro Collection figure assortment coming to Targets later this month. STAR WARS RETRO COLLECTION 3.75-INCH Figure Assortment (Hasbro/Age: 4 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 2019) Inspired by STAR WARS '70'-style action figures, the STAR WARS RETRO COLLECTION 3.75-inch-scale figures feature Kenner-style figure design and detailing, and make a [...]

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“Action Figures: A Star Wars Story” Insider #189

Today, Star Wars Insider #189 hits newsstands and features an article that is exclusively about the lasting impact and nostalgia of the Kenner Star Wars action figure line. The article was written but Star Wars super-collector and author, Gus Lopez. In addition to the delight of seeing Star Wars action figures being written about in the Insider, I was very happy to able to contribute to this particular article by providing Gus some information and images about modern Star Wars action figures. "ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE...YOU, AND STAR WARS TOYS!" The article does a great job highlighting the journey vintage Star Wars action figures have made to becoming the highly valued line it is today. Gus charts not just the gems from the vintage era [...]

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