More Star Wars Action Figure Appearances from Dan!

One thing we love, is finding Star Wars action figures pop-up in media and so when we are looking for new appearances we look to our resident expert Dan Geister. Dan has the sharpest eye for finding figure cameos and since we have been on quarantine there have been a lot of discoveries due to our new normal of watching an abundance of new and old media. So let's begin our update to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with an update to a pre-existing entry! Dan sent along this update for a sequel to one of the few horror films in the database. 1987 – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 The 1985 film Joey, which was released in North America under the name [...]

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4th Anniversary of the 1st #ForceFriday

While today we are exactly one month away from Triple Force Friday, today is also the 4th anniversary of the very first #ForceFriday. September 4th, 2015 was the official release of The Force Awakens merchandise. The build up to the event was on par with The Phantom Menace back in May of 1999! The current form of #ForceFriday began 4-years-ago but the idea behind it began in 1999 with Toys 'R' Us's Midnight Madness. To date, there have been the following celebrations of new movie merch: Midnight Madness May 1999 - The Phantom Menace May 2002 - Attack of the Clones April  2005 - Revenge of the Sith August 2008 - The Clone Wars #ForceFriday September 2015 - The Force Awakens #RogueFriday September 2016 - [...]

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Solo’s 12″ Captain Phasma, She’s Real!

After being teased for months on the 12" reissues of Wal*Mart's exclusive R2-D2 and BB-8 in SOLO packaging, we now have confirmation of Captain Phasma's existence. Thanks to  collector and all around great guy Paul Van Dyk, this 12" reissue (from The Force Awakens line) has been found in Canada. We expect that just like the two Astromech droids before her, this figure will eventually trickle down into the states in the following months. Clad in distinctive metallic armor, Captain Phasma commands the First Order's legions of troopers. Having survived the destruction of Starkiller Base, she has a personal score to settle with the Resistance. Now for those collecting this line, this figure is no different from her previous release (despite what the new description on the back of the [...]

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“The Parking Lot” – New Site Section

Welcome to our newest visual database on the site: The Parking Lot! Since 2015, Star Wars has produced a massive amount of media in comparison to the proceeding 4 decades. Four films, three animated shows, and various online micro-series have made for a rich and diverse era of Star Wars but it has also become a challenge for Hasbro and other companies to produce the deep character selections they have in the past. In order to encourage and hopefully inspire, we have teamed with fellow collector @Finndormoon to produce a list of the major and key characters, droids, beasts, vehicles, and playsets we would love to see Hasbro revisit and release in future lines. We have broken our list down into two categories, the kid-focused 5POA line, [...]

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SDCC Coverage 2017

It is that time again for the super convention San Diego Comic-Con to take place. As always with the four-day con, it begins with Preview Night on proceeding Wednesday where companies like Hasbro offer a preview of some of the items they will be showcasing at the convention. Thursday will then feature the Hasbro Preview Breakfast for members of the press and then Friday will host Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Panel at 1pm-2pm PST. Here is where you will find all of the reveals and information about what is presented at SDCC this year. We will be updating our social media pages as updates and reveals are made and then will be adding all new content to this page for a one-stop-shop for all things [...]

Official Disney Droid Factory Image & Exclusives

Thanks to our friends at Disney Parks, we have been provided a high-resolution image of the 21 new Protocol Droids in the exclusive theme park Droid Factory line. This series, which debuted at Walt Disney World's Galactic Nights event held at Hollywood Studios is now also available at the Disneyland Resort. We have begun working on adding these new Protocol, LOM, CZ, Death Star and Shopkeeper Droids to our Disney's Droid Factory Build-a-Droid Visual Guide. For those headed to the parks and looking to put together some of the 21 droids currently available pictured here, we have put today a checklist or cheat sheet for those wanting to build quickly. For a printable PDF copy of the checklist click here: BAD Protocols Cheat Sheet Upcoming Exclusives At [...]

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Hasbro 6″ Black Series Vehicle Press Photos

Hasbro and Yahoo Movies have announced the next two vehicles that will be joining the 6" Black Series line.  Luke Skywalker's X-34 Landspeeder will be debuting this Fall on Force Friday and will include a new version of the farmboy.  The set will be numbered #02 as it is the second vehicle to be released in the red Black Series packaging. This version of Luke includes his poncho making this set somewhat reminiscent of Hasbro's Ultimate 12" Luke Skywalker (100th Action Figure Collection) figure released in 2000's Power of the Jedi line. STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES X-34 LANDSPEEDER & 6-INCH LUKE SKYWALKER Figure (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2017) The third vehicle to see release in this line which is making [...]

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Hero Mashers Visual Checklist

While not a line of figures many collectors were excited about, we welcome Hero Mashers to the website. This may be the only the visual guide and checklist for this line available on the net so for those who collect these, we'd love to hear from you!

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TOY RUN Episode 34: Movie Lines of Past, Present and Future

This week on TOY RUN, the hosts, Jake Stevens and Criz Bee, take a look at how The Force Awakens 3 ¾” figure line stacks up when compared to Star Wars movie lines of the past. Did Episode 1 have a larger line? Was Revenge of the Sith a preview of what was to come?  Why so few figures for 2008’s Clone Wars movie? Find out all of these answers plus what’s new in stores this week in Episode 34! We want to hear from you! If you have questions for the hosts, suggestions on which guest to have next, a figure fact you’d like to share or opinions on what segments you did or didn’t like, let us know! You can contact us on [...]

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16 Parallels Supreme Leader Snoke shares with…

Now before we begin, let the record show that we are completely fine with the possibility that Star Wars Rebel’s Ezra Bridger does not pan out to be the Supreme Leader of the First Order.  The point of this exercise is to point out the numerous similarities we have found these two characters have in common.  Now since their similarities have continued to increase since last month's debut of Season 3 of Rebels, we felt it was due time to make our full case.  And since the fate of Ezra nor the identity of Snoke has yet to be made known, this is entirely an exercise based on observable speculation.  The information covered in this theory stem from The Force Awakens film and novelization, Seasons 1-3 [...]

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