Another Disney Droid Factory Update

We have updated our Disney's Droid Factory Build-a-Droid Guide to include the most recent Droid Factor releases. Added to the database are last October's The Rise of Skywalker 4-pack, November's Holiday droid and December/January's The Rise of Resistance vehicle set. We have added the part-breakdowns for all of the sets and added images for the first two. We hope to have all four versions of the new vehicle set in April when our main Disney operative Agent Curtis heads to WDW. But in the meantime, enjoy the update by clicking the pic below and we'll make sure to update it as new sets and/or information is received/released.  

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A Little Reveal by Zorii Bliss

Hasbro yesterday as little Valentine's Day reveal showed off a new feature with the upcoming Zorii Bliss figure. The Black Series figure which is set to ship from Hasbro Pulse next month will include a removable visor to allow her to have her heart-to-heart with Poe. This figure is being released much later than her 3 3/4" figure and is one of the few figures from The Rise of Skywalker left that have been announced from Episode IX. We hope more figures can join her from the final chapter but according to Hasbro's Investor's call last week, they have yet to renew their Star Wars license which expires this year so things may be slow with announcements until then. View this post on Instagram Attention #StarWars [...]

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Ultimate D-O Update

Good news for fans of the newest little droid from the Star Wars universe, Hasbro's Ultimate D-O Interactive Droid has received an update now that movie has not only been released but has earned over a billion dollars worldwide. Hasbro has provided us with information about the update below: Hasbro Star Wars Ultimate D-O Interactive Droid In 2019, Hasbro released an expansive collection of products for the latest Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Fans were excited to bring home new Hasbro products depicting their favorite characters, including the app-enabled Ultimate D-O Interactive Droid! Now that the film has hit theaters, Hasbro is thrilled to share an update has been applied to the product’s app, featuring English voiceover which allows users to enable movie-accurate audio of D-O’s phrases [...]

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A Belated Happy New Year and What’s Ahead in 2020!

A happy belated New Year! We are back from our post The Rise of Skywalker winter break and looking forward to what lies ahead in both the Star Wars and action figure universe. Here's a quick glance on some of the fun we are looking forward in 2020: January – Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy's Edge, Disneyland; the finale of Star Wars: Resistance February – The Clone Wars Season 7 on Disney+; New York Toy Fair March - Art of and novelization of The Rise of Skywalker April - Tentative home release of The Rise of Skywalker May - 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back July - San Diego Comic-Con August – Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Fall – The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+ October [...]

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2019 – A Year in Review of Star Wars Action Figures

For Star Wars action figure collectors, 2019 will be a year that will stand out and be talked about for years to come. The final year of this decade has been an unusual one in the world of figure collecting. It has provided us historic toys while also altering 40-year-old traditions and the combination of the two has us entering a new decade uncertain about the future of the hobby, especially when it comes to certain scales. We'll begin our year in review by the various figure scales Hasbro now supports. By the Numbers When it comes to the numbers, there were about 200 figures released throughout 2019 and as you can see 3 3/4" figures outnumbered the amount of 6" figures released. The breakdown [...]

The Rise of Skywalker Figures

With yesterday's World Premiere from the "blue" carpet in Hollywood, The Rise of Skywalker has finally been released onto the world. While we await the public release of the film this Thursday, December 19th, we thought we would take a minute and highlight the figures released from the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga. For Episode IX, Hasbro chose, for the first time in 40-years, not to create a dedicated line for the latest Star Wars film. Because of this, fans have seen a drastic reduction in the number of figures available at the release of a new film. Hasbro has mentioned that they have had to hold up to 75% of their product back from retailers until after the film debut due to their spoiler nature. With just [...]

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German Comic Con Dortmund Reveals

In a surprise move, today at German Comic Con Dortmund Hasbro revealed a few new figures for both The Black Series and Galaxy of Adventures lines.  To be exact, two new 6" figures were revealed and four new Galaxy of Adventures figures. For the first time this year, no new 3 3/4" figures were announced. All of today's announcements are scheduled for Spring of next year. Just this last week, we managed to pick up Wave 2 of the Galaxy of Adventures figures, making these next four Wave 3. And if Wave 3 is anything like the third waves for the 3 3/4" lines of the recent past these could be incredibly difficult to find at first. But of course, only time will tell. Hasbro [...]

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MCM London Comic Con 2019 Press Release

This past weekend Hasbro held a panel at not one but two European conventions. The first of which was MCM London Comic Con where they made several new reveals. Two Black Series figures from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a single Vintage Collection figure (Cara Dune from The Mandalorian and not included below) and two roleplay items also based on The Mandalorian. Each of the figures included in the press release Hasbro provided us are now up for pre-sell at e-tailers such as Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, and Entertainment Earth. Now according to Hasbro Pulse, Zorii and the Knight of Ren will be available in March of 2020 and Dune is set to drop on April Fool's Day. Official press images can be found below. HASBRO STAR [...]

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The Rise of Skywalker Tickets, Trailer, Poster and More

What a Force-filled Monday this has turned out to be! The morning began with a preview of the trailer which included an armada scene led by the Millennium Falcon which was flanked by The Ghost! New trailer tease promo for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker ! #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker — Zcure1 (@Zcure1) October 21, 2019 Now, this did not come as a surprise to us because back in August during D23 we pointed out that we believe Hera's ship could be seen in silhouette. The ticket for the first week of showings in December was made available through most chains just prior to 5 PM PST. We were able to snag tickets for the first showing on the 19th which will keep Jake's streak [...]

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A Triple #ForceFriday Reflection

This past weekend saw the release of the new merchandise for not only Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker but also The Mandalorian and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While the title implies this should have been the biggest celebration by three of Star Wars merchandise in years, in reality, it included none of the fanfare, bells nor whistles we’ve seen in the past four years of Disney-era Star Wars films. Unlike every major Star Wars film merchandise release date since 1999’s The Phantom Menace, there was no wide-spread midnight event taking place across the country or world. This is mostly due to the lack of Toys ‘R’ Us in the United States and fellow retailers like Target not having anyone to compete with for [...]

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