A few months ago we discovered a new wonderful visual resource for tracking action figures, weapons, vehicles and playsets in a simple image. The social media-based Action Figure Checklists creates visual checklists for action figure toylines that are extremely helpful for those wanting to make sure their collection or figure is complete.

The collector and creator of Action Figure Checklists is William Stonum who came up with the concept as a way to track his own collections when toy hunting. With over 135 visual checklists currently available and more on the way, Stonum has put in a ton of work for the benefit of action figure collectors of all types.

While we specialize here on Star Wars action figures, we are collectors and lovers of so many other toy lines from the ’70s, ’80’s and ’90s. To date, there are three Star Wars checklists currently available with the potential for many more in the future.

Kenner’s Star Wars (1978)

Star Wars AF 1977

Kenner’s Power of the Force Coins (1985)


Hasbro’s Shadow of the Empire (1996)

Shadows of the Empire ALL 1996

You can follow Stonum’s work on Instagram and download high-resolution images by joining his Facebook group.

surfing holo

We have added his Instagram account to our “Surfing the HoloNet” page which by the way we are wanting to update with new resources that can be found online, either on websites, podcasts, YouTube channels or on social media. So if you have a great source for Star Wars action figure centered news, reviews, and/or interviews, please let us know and we’ll gladly get it added to the list.

But in the meantime, here are a few of our other favorite lines that Action Figure Checklists has featured in awesome visual form:

Raiders of the Lost Ark AF 1982

GI Joe AF 1984 - 1985

Centurions AF 1987

Willow AF 1988

Silverhawks AF 1987 - 1988 V2

Uncanny X-Men AF 1991 - 1992

Star Trek Classic AF 1995

Dino Riders AF 1988 V2

Predator AF 1994 - 1996 V2

Thundercats AF 1985 - 1987 V2

Clash of the Titans AF 1980

Dick Tracy AF 1990 V2

Bucky O'Hare AF 1990suppwer



Beast wars

Until the next visual guide image posts,

May the Figure be with you!