My Star Wars Life Episode 213: The One with Jake

Jake recently had the chance to sit down and join the Native American Pop Culture Spirit Guide himself, Scotty White, on his most recent episode of My Star Wars Life podcast. If you are not following Scotty and his Mopcast Network, then you are missing out on tons of great content on all points of pop culture! Give this episode a listen and then let us know on our socials how excited you are for Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Especially now that Bo Katan is back on The Clone Wars and Katie Sackhoff herself has been tweeting excitedly about it since November... Who knows what lies ahead but we have a feeling Season 2 will be filled with Prequel Trilogy-era goodness. Hey so things are little [...]

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The Mandalorian – An Unusual Unboxing

While school is out in many places around the country and world, we are finding new ways to entertain ourselves. Jake (a middle school teacher) and his 13-year-old daughter/student Evelyn decided to make a quick little unboxing video for the entertainment of their middle school while kids are home this week. Jake attempts to show off some of his recent pick-ups and unbox a Black Series Mandalorian figure. We have already heard from some, young and old, who are interested in uniquely unboxing their own Star Wars collectible, if you decide to, make sure to share it with us and we'll share, repost and/or retweet it. In the meantime, stay home if you can, stay safe and keep those hands clean!

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Thanks to our friends at Disney PR we have received images from a press event showcase that took place today at the Dream Hotel in New York, New York. The event was focused on showing off product fans can look forward to collecting, wearing and owning later this year that is based on the two Disney+ series; The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There was tons of product shown at the event which was attended by Disney executives and Andy Carboni from The Star Wars Show. We combed through the images to feature products produced by Hasbro which can be found throughout the official press release below. FANS CAN CELEBRATE STAR WARS™ ALL YEAR LONG WITH NEW MERCHANDISE REVEALED AHEAD OF NEW YORK TOY [...]

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Pre-Toy Fair 2020 Star Wars New Products Press Release

Today has been chock full of reveals and New York Toy Fair has yet to even begin. This morning we had the Mission Fleet reveal, which earlier today we pointed out the similarity to Hasbro's canceled AMP'D line of 2012 and then there was an exclusive press release in which many of the items below were revealed along with many others and now we have the official press release from Hasbro about some of the items that tie into both The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars which returns tomorrow! (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2020) From HASBRO’S STAR WARS Collection comes THE CHILD ANIMATRONIC EDITION toy with sounds and motorized sequences! He may look like “BABY YODA,” but this lovable creature [...]

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The ITT Comes to TVC

We are beyond excited about today's news (and long time rumor) that the Imperial Troop Transport as featured in The Mandalorian Disney+ series will be coming to The Vintage Collection in March. The detail presented on this toy is outstanding and much like the Imperial Assualt Tank, it will be a piece not to miss. It can currently be preordered for $69.99 as most e-tailers. See below for links! This will be the second vehicle in the line to be based on the hit television series. We can't help but notice the downed TIE Fighter on the package and while we are sure it is just a custom version of a previous release, we'd sure love to have Moff Gideon's version seen in the final [...]

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2019 – A Year in Review of Star Wars Action Figures

For Star Wars action figure collectors, 2019 will be a year that will stand out and be talked about for years to come. The final year of this decade has been an unusual one in the world of figure collecting. It has provided us historic toys while also altering 40-year-old traditions and the combination of the two has us entering a new decade uncertain about the future of the hobby, especially when it comes to certain scales. We'll begin our year in review by the various figure scales Hasbro now supports. By the Numbers When it comes to the numbers, there were about 200 figures released throughout 2019 and as you can see 3 3/4" figures outnumbered the amount of 6" figures released. The breakdown [...]

Hasbro’s The Child (AKA Baby Yoda)

Today, Hasbro finally put up for pre-sale what many collectors have been patiently waiting for; a Baby Yoda in 6" scale. The Black Series will, in May of 2020, add "The Child" to the popular line. The figure will be priced like the Porg accessory set from The Last Jedi and therefore we are assuming it will be in a smaller package and not a part of the normal numbered line. In addition, Hasbro announced The Bounty Collection which includes a set of 2.2" cutesy versions of the breakout star from The Mandalorian, an electronic plush doll and a 6.5" figure (which appears to something separate from Hasbro's typical 12" Hero line of figures). One scale obviously missing from today's announcement at this moment was [...]

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“The Child” Pre-Sales Cometh

Our friends over at Disney have let us know that Baby Yoda aka "The Child" set to invade your homes in a number of ways in the foreseeable future and today has pre-orders ready to go! While no pictures were given, we are happy to see Hasbro was not left behind and made reference to having a release in The Black Series and The Vintage Collection. Based on previous announcements, both releases are slated for Spring 2020 or later. Check out the press release and let us know which release you are most excited for! Fans of The Mandalorian and the new character, the Child, can pre-order brand new toys and plush starting today on and through many retailers. Funko, Mattel and Buffalo Games are each taking [...]

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Playing “The Mandalorian” on Thanksgiving

Today is a day to give thanks and we are thankful for The Mandalorian and those who bring the show to life! As anyone who is active on social media or who likes to hang out at the watercooler on their breaks can tell you The Mandalorian is a huge hit not just with Star Wars fans but with viewing audiences overall. Reports have come out this week that the Disney+ show unseated (after 21 weeks) Stranger Things Season 3 as the most viewed streaming series. For those who have been watching the series, know that beyond Baby Yoda, there are numerous characters who collectors would love to see in plastic someday. While we wait for the first 3 3/4" figures from the show to drop [...]

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Bestbuy’s 6″ Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

In an amazingly well-timed release by Hasbro, Bestbuy announced their next Mandalorian exclusive just a day after the character's screen debut. The latest 6" figure to join the slow buy steadily increasing line of figures based on the hit Disney+ series, is the Jon Favreau-voiced character in which Hasbro refers to as "Heavy Infantry Mandalorian." This character, based on Chapter 3's credits, is referred to Paz Vizla which is very close to one of Favreau's other famous characters from The Clone Wars series. In that series, he played a different aggressive blue-armored Mandalorian by the name of Pre Vizsla. The coincidence seems too uncanny not to be related. But regardless of the origin of the character, we are excited to be getting this version in [...]

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