The White Witch Uncovered

Today, our friend and Star Wars prototype and prop collector shared one of his most prized acquisitions from the past year. In his post on social media, Lopez revealed the long-thought-lost prototype for the canceled White Witch vehicle from the Droids animated series toy line. View this post on Instagram #BestOf2018 This piece is a significant discovery for Star Wars toy collecting. It’s the White Witch vehicle from the Droids series, which was designed but never produced for that toy line. We know from Kenner photography that Kenner made at least a few samples of these, but for many years collectors did not know if any of those samples still existed. This prototype is the same one used in some of the Kenner photography based [...]

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Hasbro Cardbacks – 10 Styles and Counting

    As new product has finally begun to reach store shelves, collectors are seeing two new styles of Star Wars action figure cardbacks.  In celebration of the release of The Black Series and Saga Legends series, From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is taking you on a brief look back at the different cardback styles of yesterday and today. 1)      “Classic” Style The “classic” style of cardback (established in 1978) set the standard for Star Wars action figure cardbacks with its rectangle 9” x 6” shape.  This is the only style of cardback that does not feature a J-hook type hanger but instead an isolated peg hole.  This is the most widely used and most popular style of cardback. Series to feature this style: Star Wars, The Empire [...]

Toy Huntering Boba Fett

Are you a fan of action figures, comic conventions, seeing collector's collections and traveling; then you should be watching Toy Hunter?  Jordan Hembrough is the host of this Travel Channel show which follows Hembrough's exploits across the country to acquire and resell new and vintage toys. Hembrough is a self-confess Star Wars action figure fan and so its not uncommon to see Star Wars action figures pop-up on his show.  In last week's episode "Toy Tycoon" Hembrough almost pulls the trigger on purchasing a carded Droids Boba Fett figure for $2.5K. Find out more about the Toy Hunter by clicking the pic!

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