Hasbro at SDCC 2022

After a taking a few years off from the convention scene, Hasbro returned in May at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in true form and will be doing the same for the all of their brands this week at San Diego Comic-Con 2022! Today begins the mega convention with preview night where new products are typically shown in the Hasbro Booth. Then on Friday, members of the Star Wars Brand team will host the Hasbro Star Wars Panel at 2:00PM - 3:00PM in Room: 7AB. The weekend will also include access to the show's Black Series Boba Fett (in Disguise) figure via QR code as well as exclusive poster giveaways. Follow us on Instagram and other socials of your choice throughout SDCC for updates and reveals! Below [...]

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Another Super7 Star Wars Tribute Figure

At this past San Diego Comic-Con, Super7, maker of Reaction 3 3/4" figures, released their follow-up to last year's Space Wars Headhammer figure. At the mega-convention, Robot "Maria" from the 1927 black and white sci-fi film Metropolis made her debut on a Star Wars: The Power of the Force tribute card.  While the films have no connection to each other, a connection concerning the character of Maria can obviously be made. She was the inspiration George Lucas and company used with creating our favorite protocol droid. To honor this connection, Super7 not only made a 3 3/4" figure of her on a POTF cardback with coin but they managed to make her in a way that even Hasbro claims to not be able to; she's vac metalized. [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Episode 80 – Summer Speculations

Galaxy of Toys is back with a new episode all about the recent reveals and news in the world of Star Wars action figure collecting. From the new TVC amazing book by Blue Milk to the sparse news from SDCC this year, this episode was a lot of fun to record! As the title states, the hosts delve into lots of speculation on what's to come from Hasbro in the next year, what a Sith Trooper is, and whether Hasbro's latest HasLab projects will eventually fund. Tune in and let us know your thoughts on our social pages! On this episode we discuss The Vintage Collection Archive Book, current Haslab projects, Hasbro Star Wars reveals at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and speculate a bit about the future of [...]

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The Sandcrawler Episode 78 – SDCC 2019 with Jake Stevens

I was once privileged to spend a few hours chatting with my good friends Mac and Dan over the on The Sandcrawler Podcast this week! The topic of discussion was San Diego Comic-Con which wrapped up this past Sunday. Now, depending on your fandom, this was both an excellent show or a major let down. Tune in to find out what your hosts thought! After a month since our last episode we are back and excited to talk some Star Wars and we’ve brought along our buddy, Jake Stevens of From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com to help us out! We’ve all picked up a lot of cool Star Wars merch since our last show including more prototype Power of the Force items for Dan, some great figures from 2015 for Mac [...]

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SDCC 2019 Hasbro Press Release & Images

Hasbro has provided us with official images and information from the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars panel. The Panel was surprising light on reveals. They previewed the fan vote winner Luke Dagobah which is still in development, introduced a new scale of 5" Galaxy of Adventures figures and showed nor spoke of any new 3.75" figures at all. We are fearing for the future of the 3 3/4" line but our figures are crossed that Tripel Force Friday will ease our nerves with The Rise of Skywalker action figure line. HASBRO STAR WARS SDCC PANEL REVEALS 2019 ONE SHEET STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURES 5-INCH Figure Assortment (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: Starting at $9.99/Available: Fall 2019) STAR WARS fans new and [...]

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SDCC 2019 – The Hasbro Booth

As we prepare for Hasbro's Star Wars panel, which begins today at 2 PM PST, we can't help but pour over the images from Hasbro's booth this year in anticipation. Hasbro once again impresses with the sheer amount of product and displays including a very impressive Sarlacc and Jabba's Palace diorama. Now our friends over at Rebelscum have inquired about that many of the "new" figures in the Jabba's Palace dio, which include  6" versions of the Rancor, 8D8, EV-99, Gonk droid, and even a tortured 2-1B droid, and as of now it appears they are all customs for the display. But as fans recall the Trash Compactor Luke was also considered a custom in a previous Hasbro display until a year later he was [...]

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Have Questions for Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Team?

With San Diego Comic-Con kicking off today with their annual preview night, it's time we solicit questions for our interview with Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team. We are set to interview them on Sunday, so as SDCC reveals commence throughout the next few days makes sure to send us any follow-up questions you may have. Please focus on any of the new reveals and/or current Star Wars toy lines, as Hasbro is not allowed to speak about new upcoming media and we'd be happy to ask Hasbro for you! Please contact via the usual channels below: Send an email to 4LOMKUSS@gmail.com or comment via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! We are looking forward to getting a better look at all the SDCC exclusives, and seeing what we can look [...]

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SDCC’s Sith Trooper Press Images

Today we received official press images and information about next week's exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Black Series Sith Trooper from Hasbro. The new trooper design has captured the attention of fans as speculation about the figure and its name has dominated the internet for the past 24 hours. The official product description is as follows: STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES 6-INCH SITH TROOPER Figure (HASBRO/Ages 4 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $32/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International In San Diego) Fans can imagine fighting for the cause of the First Order and other thrilling scenes from the STAR WARS galaxy with this premium collectible STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES 6-INCH SITH TROOPER action figure. Inspired by scenes from STAR WARS: EPISODE IX: THE RISE [...]

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Sneak Preview Sith Trooper Coming to SDCC

Attendees of San Deigo Comic-Con next week will be treated to a sneak preview figure from The Rise of Skywalker! At Hasbro's booth on the show floor, lucky fans will have the chance to purchase an "Early Release Edition" of a Sith Trooper, a new agent of the First Order in Episode IX. This all-new trooper will retail for $32 and will be available at Booth #3329. This figure which was reported on both Starwars.com and The Star Wars Show, will be available, in different versions, from numerous retailers at the convention. The debut of this character generates so many questions regarding the evolution of The First Order and the secrecy regarding the plot of The Rise of Skywalker. Will Kylo following in his Grandfather's footsteps [...]

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Space Wars Headhammer Review

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Super 7 who has not only based their line look and action figure designs off of Kenner, released yet another tribute piece and this time it is a pretty deep cut. The Alien - "Space Wars Headhammer" Tribute Xenomorph 3.75" ReAction Figure with coin which retailed for $15 at the convention is a clear nod to the "original" alien Hammerhead from Kenner's 1978 Star Wars line. Now how this repaint of the ReAction Alien figure even makes any sense is because when Kenner was designing the prototype Alien figure back in 1979, they used Hammerhead as the base of their initial sculpt. Image courtesy of aliencollectors.com ReAction's SDCC release would not the be the first time Hammerhead's classic [...]

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