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TVC Boba Fett (Morak) Press Release & Pricing Discussion

Breaking away from the typical pattern of Tuesday announcement/Wednesday preorder, Starwars.com announced their "bonus" Bring Home the Bounty a day early this week. The Hasbro offering this round included a new deluxe figure from The Mandalorian: Boba Fett (Morak). This figure was originally announced with the following price: STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION BOBA FETT (MORAK) Figure (HASBRO/Age 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $26.49/Available: Fall 2022) STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION 3.75-INCH scale classic figures and vehicles feature original vintage-inspired packaging and Kenner branding. This STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION BOBA FETT (MORAK) figure is inspired by Boba Fett, the legendary character in STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN, and once the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. This collectible figure features premium detail and [...]

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Boba Book Club: The Book of Boba Fett – Episode 4 Review

Jake once again had the pleasure and immense fun of joining the crew of the Boba Book Club, a The Book of Boba Fett review and reaction podcast, to discuss last week's episode of the Fett-centered show. There's still time to watch last week's episode covering Chapter 4 of the series before the next BBC is recorded about Chapter 5 which shifted the focus of the show. Thanks again to our friends at Yes Have Some for the invite and you can watch the episode on their YouTube channel below!

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Bring Home the Bounty Unboxing

Last week Hasbro was gracious enough to provide us with a #BringHomeTheBounty box which we unboxed live on our Instagram! The box included some of the latest Star Wars merchandise that has become available over these past Fall and Winter months. Of note, inside the box was the muddy Mandolorian Arvala-7 deluxe figure which has yet to go up for pre-order nor been found in stores. Thank you again to Hasbro for the #freeproduct and look for figure reviews from this bounty box coming to our social pages' feeds! You can watch the full unboxing here:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by From 4-LOM to Zuckuss (@from4lomtozuckuss)

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Galaxy of Toys – Episode 102: The Best and Worst Star Wars Toys of 2021

Join the hosts of Galaxy of Toys for their 9th annual Best and Worst show! Jason, Matt, Ryan, Chris and Jake are all here to lend their opinions about the Star Wars action figure and toy offerings of 2021! On this episode we present our choices for best and worst Star Wars toys of the year.  We also give our first impressions of The Book of Boba Fett streaming TV show on Disney+. Please send comments and questions to galaxyoftoys@gmail.com

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SWTVC’s March Madness 2022

Happy New Year! Today, our friends over at SWTVC on Instagram have begun soliciting submissions for this year's TVC March Madness fan poll! Just like last year, they are asking for your top 25 most-wanted action figures in The Vintage Collection. All fan lists will be tallied for a March Madness-style poll to narrow down which figures fans and collectors most desire to be released in 3 3/4" within The Vintage Collection. Last year Bo-Katan was voted the winner and of the top ten figures, five have been released/announced by Hasbro since the last poll.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 3.75”: THE HERITAGE SCALE (@swtvc) SWTVC is attempting to collect as many possible lists from the fan community so [...]

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Bring Home The Bounty – Week 10 Press Release

This morning Starwars.com released their 10th week of Star Wars toys, collectibles, and merchandise in their Bring Home the Bounty campaign. This week was especially exciting as it previewed two figures from The Book of Boba Fett. These are the first two figures to be featured in The Vintage Collection line from the upcoming Disney+ series. Also of note is the Fett figure being branded as a "World-Building Set" and retailing above the recently announced deluxe line of figures. The deluxe figs, which are Wal*Mart exclusives, retailed at $20.99 and included extra "world-building"-type items as well. The new price point is a bit surprising as Boba is not an exclusive and will be available at stores and etailers which usually keeps prices down. We will [...]

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The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Arrives

We were thrilled this week to receive our copy of Blue Milk's Vintage Collection Archive Edition book (we were backer #25)! This guide to all things Vintage Collection has been years in the making and all of the hard work has paid off. The book which is a labor of love from Rich Alot, D. Martin Myatt, and Derryl DePriest (former Hasbro Star Wars Brand Manager) includes lots of industry insider information from those who worked on the figures as well as original work from notable figure photographers such as Kim Simmons, Richee Chang, Stephen Hayford, Jax Navarro, Alex Weiner, and Jason Yang. This book has become an instant bible for us in regards to collecting TVC and an amazing standard for any collecting guide [...]

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Galaxy of Toys – Episode #101: No Rancor For You

The gents from the Galaxy of Toys Podcast come together to voice their thoughts on the HasLab Rancor not funding. Join host Jason Luttrull and series regulars Matt Fox (the OG This Week in Star Wars), Ryan Beise (YouTube’s MrByZ), Chris Moorehead (Emporers’ Royal Guard Extraordinaire), Jake Stevens (From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com), and Jayson Krebsbach (Yakface.com) for some Star Wars action figure discussion. On this episode we discuss what went wrong with Hasbro's Haslab Black Series Rancor project. Please send questions and comments to galaxyoftoys@gmail.com  

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Toy Anxiety – Rancor Live Final Countdown

Last week (yes, we are playing catch-up) Hasbro's latest crowdfunding Star Wars project, the Black Series Rancor, failed to fund. The HasLab ended last Monday night and the cast of Toy Anxiety was there to report the live on the numbers. A lot of fun was had you can check out the whole video which kicks off 45 minutes before the end of the campaign below. Thanks again to Yes Have Some for the invite and make sure to subscribe to their channel and Jay's over at Geek. Dad. Life.!

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HasLab x2 – It’s Now or Never!

As of this writing, we are under 24 hours left for fans to back the HasLab Black Series 6" Rancor! This crowdfunding campaign is currently at 62% funded which is unprecedented for a Star Wars HasLab. Both its predecessors, the Sail Barge and the Razor Crest funded before the final day. This particular project has seen some setbacks due to the choice of stretch goals not connecting with collectors and some sites and groups actively campaigning against the beast due to a number of reasons. Some have also argued that the competition of the Ghostbusters and GI Joe HasLabs have slowed the success of the Star Wars project especially as all three are taking place during the holiday season when wallets are tight. Hasbro [...]

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