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The Sandcrawler Podcast #103 – Many Many Mando Mondays!

This week on The Sandcrawler, Jake joins Mac and Dan to discuss this Fall's many #MandoMonday reveals and a ton of action figure therapy...now in video! This week we catch up on Mando Mondays and the announced Star Wars figures for Black Series and The Vintage Collection. Will we get the entire Bad Batch team at some point? Does it really matter if the announced Zutton figure is named Snaggletooth or not? In I Wanted Everything Jake knocked off a few big missing pieces for his complete Disney Parks Droid Factory collection. Dan finds a super cool KB Toys Phantom Menace sign and Mac proves he’s a hypocrite  and gets The Carbon Freeze Chamber play set. It’s a shorter show [...]

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Mando Mondays #5 Hasbro Press Release

Continuing what Lucasfilm began in October, today was yet another round of #MandoMondays merchandise reveals from the hit series The Mandalorian. Hasbro's offerings these last two weeks have made us very happy because last year at Washington State Summer Con, Jake had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Carl Weathers on stage. His Mando directorial debut has garnered lots of acclaim with many calling it their favorite yet! Now while the episode is not even a week old yet, Hasbro has announced Weathers' character Greef Carga in his Season 2 look for The Vintage Collection. This will be the second 3 3/4" figure to bare this look as only last week's The Black Series Carga figure will feature his Season 1 outfit. The second [...]

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Unboxing Disney’s New Droid Depot 5-Pack Set

In his ongoing 8-year mission to stay complete on collecting Disney's exclusive line of Build-a-Droids, Jake unboxes the latest offering: The Droid Depot 5-pack. This set features the five droids that sit outside the Droid Depot experience in Galaxy's Edge. This set retails for $50 and was released earlier this week at a special retail event at Downtown Disney. All the details concerning this set can be found in the above video, or by heading to our official YouTube page! Look for our Disney's Droid Factory Build-a-Droid Guide to be updated shortly!

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Mando Mondays #4 Hasbro Press Release

This morning Hasbro announced another three Black Series figures based on the Disney+ hit The Mandalorian. These reveals were made on the fourth Mando Monday since the program began in late October. Each of the figures revealed today include characters that have yet to be announced for The Vintage Collection but have been announced for the Retro Collection. Now is should be noted that while Amazon and Wal*Mart are listed below, these figures are not exclusive to those retailers and will be released both in brick-and-mortar stores and at online etailers. We have been provided the official press release and images by Hasbro and be found below: STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES 6-INCH MOFF GIDEON Figure (HASBRO/Age 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: [...]

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Fan First Friday November’s Livestream Press Release

Last Friday, Hasbro Pulse held another Fan First Friday Livestream event which resulted in four new reveals for The Black Series and The Vintage Collection. The event hosted by Star Wars Brand Team members Patrick Schnieder and Eric from the Design Department on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel. The Vintage Collection Zutton figure was hinted at potentially needing two more versions to be released in the line before for and Hasbro can check it off their The Ninty Six list which is referring to the original 96 or figures that were originally released by Kenner in the vintage line. In addition to the reveals, it was mentioned that the Brand Team is listening to fans and that after the next release of Captain Rex [...]

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Yes Have Some: Toy Anxiety with Jake Stevens

This past Monday Jake had an absolute blast chatting the Craig and Ryan, hosts of the Yes Have Some Podcast, on their Toy Anxiety show. The conversation included everything from GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Toys R Us, Masters of the Universe, and of course plenty of Star Wars talk. You can download the episode on your podcast catcher or watch it below on YouTube! Join Craig & Ryan for this week's edition of Toy Anxiety, with special guest Jake Stevens, podcaster and Star Wars action figure historian at https://from4-lomtozuckuss.com/. Subscribe to Yes Have Some on YouTube - http://shorturl.at/djD09 Follow YHS on Social Media - * http://www.instagram.com/yhspodcast * https://www.facebook.com/groups/YHSGr... * http://www.twitter.com/yhspodcast Support YHS on Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/yeshavesome

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Mando Mondays #3 Hasbro Press Release

This morning Hasbro and Lucasfilm launched their third #mandomondays event and announced two different Black Series items. The first was the Remant Trooper from The Mandalorian. This figure was expected as it is both an easy repaint and was already released in The Vintage Collection line. The downside to this figure is that it is a Target exclusive which means purchasing it online will be difficult as figures typically sell out in minutes. Folks will want to hit brick and mortar stores later this fall to secure this figure. The second item was the piece that was hinted at in last week's This Week in Star Wars episode. The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet will be popular next spring with cosplayers and bucket collectors. Hasbro has [...]

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The Sandcrawler #101: Mando, Mando, Mando!

The Sandcrawler is back with its second triple-digit episode to talk about all of The Mandalorian reveals from the past few weeks! Join hosts Mac and Dan as they tolerate another appearance by Jake Stevens who joins in all the action figure therapy fun! We’re back with our second show in a week and it’s all Mando, Mando, Mando!  Jake Stevens returns as we tear into the Season Two premiere of The Mandalorian and then break down the action figure announcements that were announced during the first two Mando Monday events. Mando Monday 2.  This is the cereal featuring small plastic busts that Dan talked about. We also take a look at The Razor Crest Haslab project and it’s latest Tier unlocks.  Will it make [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Podcast #91: Vintage Kenner Droids with Gus Lopez

Are you a fan of the vintage Kenner Droids line from 1985! Well for the five of you, this past week's episode of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast was made for you! Join host Jason Luttrull and co-hosts Matt Fox (This Week in Star Wars), Ryan Beise (MrByZ Reviews), Chris Moorehead, and Jake Stevens (From4-LOMtoZuckuss) as the discuss the figures they didn't have with their good friend and Kenner Droids specialist Gus Lopez! On this episode we give a Mando Monday update as well as talk about Kenner's Vintage Droids action figures and vehicles.  We are joined by famed Star Wars author and collector Gus Lopez. Please send questions and comments to galaxyoftoys@gmail.com

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