New Kenner Cameo – Star Wars: Squadrons

On November 25th, the popular video game Star Wars: Squadrons released new vehicle paint jobs that are "inspired by the classic Kenner Products toys". The skins now available for players include the classic Kenner TIE Fighter wing stickers designs. These designs and colorings can be applied to each of the TIEs available in the game. A big thanks to Sam Forbes for the images and info! For more Kenner Cameos make sure to check out the database here and as always if you have new additions not presented, reach out to us at or on any of our socials.

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More Star Wars Action Figure Appearances from Dan!

One thing we love, is finding Star Wars action figures pop-up in media and so when we are looking for new appearances we look to our resident expert Dan Geister. Dan has the sharpest eye for finding figure cameos and since we have been on quarantine there have been a lot of discoveries due to our new normal of watching an abundance of new and old media. So let's begin our update to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! database with an update to a pre-existing entry! Dan sent along this update for a sequel to one of the few horror films in the database. 1987 – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 The 1985 film Joey, which was released in North America under the name [...]

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Vintage Kenner Figures in Toy Story 4

This past weekend, Toy Story 4 made its debut and so did the animated versions of two of our favorite vintage Kenner action figures! As we discussed earlier this year, Walrus Man and Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi from 1978 are featured in the latest addition to the Toy Story franchise. SPOILER WARNING: While their appearance is very brief it is reminiscent of their encounter in the Mos Eisley Cantina. When Woody enlists his old sweetheart Bo in a mission to recover his Bonnie's new "toy" Forky, they visit a pinball machine which acts like a speakeasy club for lost toys. On their way to recruit Duke Kaboom they past a dismembered Zebra plush who sits next to Old Ben and Panda Boba reenacting their first interaction. In [...]

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Marvel Taps Hasbro for Comic Art

This past week announced a new limited series starring the Dark Lord of Sith. Star Wars: Darth Vader - Dark Visions, which begins in March of next year, includes a cover image of Vader mounted atop a creature and brandishing his lightsaber and an Imperial shield. What is exciting about this art is his shield featuring the Imperial cog which was done by Hasbro in 2005. During their Revenge of the Sith line, Hasbro introduced a very short-lived series, geared to younger kids, called Force Battlers. These 6"ish figures, were more stylized in design and included action features. The first Darth Vader released in this line included the Imperial shield which now appears to be possibly headed for official Star Wars canon if seen [...]

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Spencer’s Vintage Figure Backpack

Spencer's online store is currently offering a Star Wars Kenner-themed action figure backpack. The officially licensed item features vintage Kenner action figures from 1977 to 1985. Figures from all four vintage lines are represented. The backpack typically retails for $50 but can be purchased for 50% off! To order your Kenner bag which would be great for toy runs and toy shows head on over to Spencer's. We've added this bag to our Kenner Cameo Chronology where you can see other appearances by Star Wars figures! May the force always be with you when you use this officially licensed backpack at school, work, or while traveling from galaxy to galaxy. You'll be able to store all of your stuff in this backpack as it features two zipper [...]

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Share Your Star Wars Love Giveaway!

With Valentine’s Day just a month away we thought we would attempt to spread a little love into the community. This past week, Zak! Designs released a Valentines-themed 4 piece glass set featuring Star Wars Kenner action figures. This set is exclusive to Wal*Mart stores and can be found in their seasonal section but for one lucky reader, we are giving a set away for free! With all the division and arguing happening in the fan community this past month, we felt it’s time to remember the love we all hold for that galaxy far, far away. So, we are running our “Share Your Star Wars Love Giveaway” all week long in the hopes of reminding us that love, like the Force, “surrounds us, it [...]

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Another Round of Kenner Movie/TV Cameos

The great thing about Star Wars now being over 4 decades old; there seems to be an unending amount of Star Wars cameos and lore to still discover!  This week we have yet another round of Kenner toy appearances in movies and television shows.  Each one of these provided and pointed out by the great community that is Star Wars collecting community and we have added them to our Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! Database! Mork and Mindy - Season 1 "Mork's First Christmas" (1978) Not only does Mork get a classic Simon game he also opens a Kenner Radio Controlled R2-D2! Big thanks to Jason Langendorfer for the images! Next up, courtesy of the eagle-eyed Dan Geister, we have a look at a lesser known 80's movie which [...]

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Kenner Cameo: Star Voyager

Big thanks to our buddy Mark S. for letting us know about this latest Kenner cameo. This one occurred on the cover of the 1982 Atari 2600 game "Star Voyager" by Imagic. The cover art is clearly based on Kenner's version of the Millenium Falcon and thanks to a recent gaming expo, the actual model which was referenced in the art has surfaced. "Thanks again to the esteemed Earl Green - we have another photo from the Classic Gaming Expo." We have added it to our ever growing database of Kenner (and Hasbro) action figure cameos which can be found in the pic below! And of course, we are always grateful for any tips and help in hunting down new cameos that have remained [...]

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Kenner Cameo Updates: Star Wars Rebels

It's no secret that the Filoni and the crew behind Star Wars Rebels are huge vintage action figure fans.  We have reported in the past on Kenner's Yoda being an influence in the designs of his Rebels counterpart.  But with Season 3 coming to close this weekend, we thought it was time to add each of the Kenner nods that have appeared in the last three years of the series to The Kenner Cameo Chronology. And since the show reintroduced the Imperial Troop Transport to the Star Wars universe, we have also added each of its appearances, which we have previously outlined in our "37 Years of Imperial Troop Transport History and Restoration" article. Now before we begin, there is one more reference that we [...]

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Kenner Cameo Updates: Mini-Rigs & The Falcon

Welcome to another update to our Kenner Cameo Chronology.  At the Kenner Cameo Chronology, it is our goal to provide a guide for every time a Kenner (and sometimes Hasbro) concept or design has been showcased, outside of the action figure line, in Star Wars comics, publishing, animation, video games and so on.  Today we bring you three more entries that have all occurred within the last year.  – 2016 - MLC-3 This Kenner vehicle was featured in the comic story found within the Star Wars Rebels Magazine published by Egmont UK Ltd.  In issue 17, Kanan and Ezra attack a couple of AT-ATs while piloting the mini-rigs. Credit and thanks to Adam Giles AKA The Scavenger UK for the heads-up and images. The author [...]

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