Celebration Anaheim: Q & A with Hasbro

During Star Wars Celebration Anaheim next week From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com will be conducting an interview with members of the Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team. We have lots of burning questions of our own but we are also interested in what questions you may have for Hasbro. I you have a question you'd like us to ask Hasbro for you please send it to 4LOMKUSS@gmail.com or through our official Facebook or Twitter pages. Now do know that Hasbro does indeed appear to still be in a The Force Awakens blackout as they sent the following to us: "Also please note that the team will not be able to answer any questions pertaining to unrevealed Fall 2015 products." We look forward to discussing your need-to-know questions with Hasbro and even more so celebrating [...]

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Vizago’s Vanishing Gun

It appears that Hasbro is pulling a few new tricks out of their bag. In the newest wave of Mission Series packs from the Rebels Saga Legends line Hasbro has created a holster which can fit a sidearm much bigger than the acutal holster. Here you can see Cikatro Vizago's blaster next to his holster. The blaster is clearly longer but once you place the pistol in the holster you can see that it fits completely into the holster. Hasbro's new design allows the weapon to go inside the figures leg thus keeping the accurate dimensions of the character's accessories as seen in the computer animated series. This is a simple yet very effective feature for this 5POA figure.  This takes us back to discovering that Kenner's Han [...]

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NY Toy Fair ’15 – What We Expect

Now that New York Toy Fair is just under 3 weeks away, we have begun speculating about what will be shown at the annual Hasbro Presentation. What we expect from Rebels Saga Legends Last week's Jedi Temple Archives reveal helped to answer some early questions about what type of figures we'll be getting in the next year. And the answer to that is clearly Original Trilogy centered as in JTA's reveal it was shown that we are getting 3 more Return of the Jedi figures, 1 Revenge of the Sith figure and 0 Star Wars Rebels figures past number SL14 AT-DP Driver. Yes of the 25 figures announced so far, only 8 are based on Star Wars Rebels, the line featured on the very [...]

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TFA Toy Rumor Roundup

The new and highly anticipated year is only seven days in and already we are treated to a heavy dose of toy rumors! First out of the gate was Rebelscum with a list of Hasbro The Force Awakens solicitations. Of course at this point, this is all unconfirmed by Hasbro's so please regard with a grain of salt. Star Wars 7 3.75 In Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 3.75 In Armor Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 Figure Two Pack Assortment Star Wars 7 Figures Snow Desert Star Wars 7 Hero Series Deluxe Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 Hero Series Figure Assortment Star Wars 7 Class I Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Class I Deluxe Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Class II Vehicle Assortment Star Wars 7 Class [...]

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2014’s Best and Worst Star Wars Toys

Jason and the gang from Galaxy of Toys Podcast break down the best and worst Star Wars action figures of 2014. They are joined by ThisWeekInStarWars.com's Matt Fox to discuss which figures succeeded and failed from Hasbro, Disney and other toys lines from last year. Make sure to let us know what you think was the best and worst of 2014 by posting to our official Facebook page or sending an e-mail to galaxyoftoys@gmail.com. Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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2014 the Year of 58

As 2014 comes to a close Hasbro will be shutting the books on their 19th year of producing Star Wars action figures.  It goes without saying that 2014, although better than 2013, was not a banner year for the toy producer’s Star Wars line. Distribution problems still existed, product offerings were very light, advertisement was minimal and public “collector” opinion about their 5 points of articulation didn’t improve. But despite these criticisms, Hasbro continued a long tradition of giving children, fans and collectors some great Star Wars toys to play with and collect! Now to hear which figure and vehicle we specially liked (and disliked) the best from 2014, you’ll need to make sure to listen to Episode 37 of Galaxy of Toys Podcast. While [...]

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Timeline

Yesterday MTV.com published a timeline of Hasbro's Star Wars action figures. The timeline is geared more for educating new viewer on where in the Star Wars Saga the new animated series Star Wars Rebels takes place.  The image is very cool but is not a true timeline of the actual figures as it only uses figures from past couple of years (specifically The Black Series, Movie Heroes and Saga Legends lines). As stated by our good friend Criz Bee of Jedibusiness.com, one glaring oversight with the timeline is the lack of any reference to the 6 Season run of The Clone Wars. No word yet if this will actually see print form as a holiday or convention giveaway but if such information surfaces we will [...]

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NYCC ’15 Wrap Up Coverage

The reveals from New York Comic Con 2015 began as usual before the con even began. On Wednesday, Hasbro hosted their "'Twas the Night Before" party for the media. The reveals Hasbro provided included:   6 new figures from The Black Series Clone Commander Thorne (from The Clone Wars) C-3po (from ESB and reissue) Han Solo (Carbonite) Jawas (2-pack) Princess Leia (Boushh)  Mosep Binneed 1 new Rebels themed Mission Series set Ezra Bridger in Cadet Disguise & Kanan Jarrus 3 new frgures from Saga Legends Han Solo (Bespin) Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise) Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) 3 new Mission Series sets Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (Hoth) Yoda and R2-D2 (Dagobah) Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise) and Princess Leia (Death Star) For the official [...]

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NYCC ’14 Press Release & Photos

When if comes to New York Comic Con, Hasbro may not have the presence they do at Toy Fair, San Diego Comic Con or Celebration but they do put on mean a pre-convention media reveal party.  This year's "'Twas the Night Before the Party" offered some great reveals for the upcoming The Black Series and Saga Legends lines. The following is their press release and official press photos which followed the event.  THE BLACK SERIES STAR WARS® THE BLACK SERIES 6-Inch Action Figures (Approximate retail price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2015) Take your collectible STAR WARS action figures to the next level with the 6-inch BLACK SERIES action figure line! This exceptional collection of figures features incredibly accurate design and a high [...]

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Speculative Star Wars Rebels & Ep VII Figures

Last week's reveal of Toys 'R' Us' upcoming Star Wars Rebels Mission Series exclusive The Ghost, featuring a holographic Obi-Wan Kenobi, prompted us to revisit Dan Curto's leaked Rebels photo from earlier this year.  Now with the knowledge gained from Hasbro's San Diego Comic-Con presentation, we are fairly certain we can speculate about the numbering of and wave assortment of the upcoming Rebels figures. We know from online pre-sales that the first case available will include 12 different figures.  The first six being from the new animated series with the rest pulling from the previously released Saga Legends figures. We have 'X'd' out the figures that have been officially announced from Hasbro and color-coded them to match the photo's wave color-code.  Basic Figures - Wave [...]

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