Star Wars Season in the PNW

Today officially begins Star Wars Season here in the Pacific Northwest! The 2023 Season kicks off with a doubleheader as April 28th sees the release of Return of the Jedi in theaters for its 40th Anniversary and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor drops on game consoles worldwide. Below is a list of Star Wars events and activities that our upcoming this Season! April 28th - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi returns to theaters 28th - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor debuts May 3rd - Hasbro Pulse Fanstream on YouTube 4th - May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) 4th - Star Wars: Visions - Season 2 on Disney+ 4th - Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures - Season 1 on Disney+ 6th - Free Comic Book Day featuring [...]

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TVC Reveal: Endor Bunker Playset

We are excited to take part in this week's Bring Home the Galaxy product campaign with the reveal of the latest Vintage Collection playset: Endor Bunker. STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION ENDOR BUNKER (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99 / Available: Spring 2023) Fans can celebrate the legacy of STAR WARS, the action-and-adventure-packed space saga from a galaxy far, far away, and commemorate the 40th Anniversary of STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI with this premium 3.75-inch scale STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION ENDOR BUNKER PLAYSET & ACTION FIGURE. This Endor Bunker playset and Endor Rebel Commando (Scout Trooper Disguise) action figure are inspired by the iconic setting in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Located at an Imperial outpost on Endor’s forest moon, the Endor Bunker housed the shield generator [...]

Toy Anxiety – Rancor Live Final Countdown

Last week (yes, we are playing catch-up) Hasbro's latest crowdfunding Star Wars project, the Black Series Rancor, failed to fund. The HasLab ended last Monday night and the cast of Toy Anxiety was there to report the live on the numbers. A lot of fun was had you can check out the whole video which kicks off 45 minutes before the end of the campaign below. Thanks again to Yes Have Some for the invite and make sure to subscribe to their channel and Jay's over at Geek. Dad. Life.!

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HasLab’s Rancor Final Tiers

This past Friday, Hasbro Pulse hosted a special Fan First Friday to announce the final two tiers of their current HasLab Black Series Rancor. The tiers include two carded 6" figures. The first, Salacious Crumb is a modern upscale of the 3 3/4" SDCC exclusive carded Crumb that was part of the first version of The Vintage Collection, and the second is a newly sculpted Jedi Luke on a Power of the Force card back with coin. Also shown during the Livestream was the first look at a painted version of the Rancor. Hasbro has provided us official images and press releases below: Tier 3 Unlock: 16,000 Backers Needed Star Wars The Black Series Salacious B. Crumb Mini This Kowakian monkey-lizard may [...]

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Rancor Keeping – HasLab Stats

One week ago, the Star Wars Brand Team at Hasbro officially launched their third crowdfunding project, The Rancor. Just as we have done in the past with both the Sail Barge and the Razor Crest, we are keeping close track of the project's momentum and hopefully success. What makes this project different from its Star Wars predecessors is both that it is the first Star Wars HasLab in 6" scale and it is running alongside not one but two other HasLab projects. To gauge whether having competing HasLabs is a factor, we are charting the progress of all three current projects and comparing them to both the barge and Razor Crest. We would assume there is some carry-over between collectors and brands (we for example [...]

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Hasbro PulseCon ’21 Exclusives Press Release

We are beyond excited to share with you three exclusives coming to Hasbro PulseCon 2021 happening later this year! These three sets include items fans have been asking for for awhile. Dave Filoni, Papa George's Padawan, joins the list of Star Wars creators to be cast in action figure form. Joining Wolf in 6" form is a remake of The Power of the Force Cantina Showdown with all-new sculpts of not only Ponda Boba and Dr. Evazan but also the cantina bar with has now been featured in A New Hope, The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. And speaking of The Power of the Force, it has been since the '90s that we received an Emperor's throne in 3 3/4" scale. As stated previously, all [...]

A Belated Happy New Year and What’s Ahead in 2020!

A happy belated New Year! We are back from our post The Rise of Skywalker winter break and looking forward to what lies ahead in both the Star Wars and action figure universe. Here's a quick glance on some of the fun we are looking forward in 2020: January – Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy's Edge, Disneyland; the finale of Star Wars: Resistance February – The Clone Wars Season 7 on Disney+; New York Toy Fair March - Art of and novelization of The Rise of Skywalker April - Tentative home release of The Rise of Skywalker May - 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back July - San Diego Comic-Con August – Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Fall – The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+ October [...]

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Day 3: Dixie Cups and Snowtroopers

Welcome to Day 3 of my birthday celebration scavenger hunt. And once again, if you are just joining us, make sure to skim off over the rules of play and how to enter Little Jake’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt before proceeding. Today I'll take you back you to 1983 for my 7th birthday. As obvious from today's image, my family and specifically, my Mother, was and is still all about holidays. By the time my birthday came around on the 10th, the house was always already prepped for Turkey Day. Granted, I say this as I write this on the fourth of November while having just brought in the Fall/Thanksgiving boxes for my wife to decorate the mantle. While this birthday image does not ooze with Star Wars [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Episode 62: Kenner Return of the Jedi Figures (Part 1)

In the latest episode of Galaxy of the Toys, the hosts break down the first eight Return of the Jedi figures pictured on the 65 card backs. Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise) Squid Head Emperor’s Royal Guard Weequay Ree-Yees General Madine Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) The guys give their thoughts on some of the first Return of the Jedi figures from Kenner released back in 1983. You can watch the RetroBlasting video Jason refers to here: Star Wars Follies: Kenner's Epic Return of the Jedi Fail - Vintage Toy Review If you have any comments or questions about the show please email us at About Galaxy of Toys Podcast Galaxy of Toys Podcast is a discussion about Star [...]

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day from Endor

Top ‘o the day to ya and remember, “When you care to send the very best, say it with Star Wars action figures!” For more Holiday Greetings from your friends at Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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