Galaxy of Toys – Episode 117: Imperial March in April

After a long Winter break, the hosts of Galaxy of Toys are back with a new episode all about the reveals and livestreams from Hasbro's Star Wars Imperial March campaign. Join Jason, Ryan, Matt, Chris and Jake for additional speculation on the next HasLab as well! We're back after a long break.  On this episode we discuss Hasbro's Imperial March reveals and speculate on what might be the next Haslab TVC Star Wars campaign.

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The Ghost HasLab Tier 1 Unlocked & Q&A Reveal

This past week the lastest Hasbro HasLab project, The Ghost, received two important updates. Firstly, the first tier of the project was unlocked and backers will now receive an exclusive carded Ezra Bridger figure. This brings The Ghost crew up to 2.5 as the HasLab will include a carded Hera, a carded Ezra and a Chopper dome built into the Phantom 2. The second update was made during this week's Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team Q&A. It was revealed that if the current HasLab reaches its third tier by the end of the campaign, which has just a week and a half to go, Hasbro will release Sabine and Chopper on mural cardbacks to complete the crew. Now these will be made available outside [...]

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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Painting The Razor Crest

Former ILM Special Effects Designer, Adam Savage both reviews and performs one of his famous "one day builds" on repainting the recently shipped HasLab Razor Crest from Hasbro. Savage brings both his knowledge of model design and action figure toys to this project. This custom project is of course not for the lighthearted as this Hasbro Pulse exclusive ship was only available for purchase during a two-month period in 2020 for $350. It currently is retailing for about $800 on the secondary market at e-tailers and eBay. Are you going to customize your Razor Crest? If so, share your creations with us on our socials! Until the next Haslab, May the Figures be with you!

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Galaxy of Toys – Episode #101: No Rancor For You

The gents from the Galaxy of Toys Podcast come together to voice their thoughts on the HasLab Rancor not funding. Join host Jason Luttrull and series regulars Matt Fox (the OG This Week in Star Wars), Ryan Beise (YouTube’s MrByZ), Chris Moorehead (Emporers’ Royal Guard Extraordinaire), Jake Stevens (, and Jayson Krebsbach ( for some Star Wars action figure discussion. On this episode we discuss what went wrong with Hasbro's Haslab Black Series Rancor project. Please send questions and comments to  

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Toy Anxiety – Rancor Live Final Countdown

Last week (yes, we are playing catch-up) Hasbro's latest crowdfunding Star Wars project, the Black Series Rancor, failed to fund. The HasLab ended last Monday night and the cast of Toy Anxiety was there to report the live on the numbers. A lot of fun was had you can check out the whole video which kicks off 45 minutes before the end of the campaign below. Thanks again to Yes Have Some for the invite and make sure to subscribe to their channel and Jay's over at Geek. Dad. Life.!

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HasLab x2 – It’s Now or Never!

As of this writing, we are under 24 hours left for fans to back the HasLab Black Series 6" Rancor! This crowdfunding campaign is currently at 62% funded which is unprecedented for a Star Wars HasLab. Both its predecessors, the Sail Barge and the Razor Crest funded before the final day. This particular project has seen some setbacks due to the choice of stretch goals not connecting with collectors and some sites and groups actively campaigning against the beast due to a number of reasons. Some have also argued that the competition of the Ghostbusters and GI Joe HasLabs have slowed the success of the Star Wars project especially as all three are taking place during the holiday season when wallets are tight. Hasbro [...]

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HasLab’s Rancor Final Tiers

This past Friday, Hasbro Pulse hosted a special Fan First Friday to announce the final two tiers of their current HasLab Black Series Rancor. The tiers include two carded 6" figures. The first, Salacious Crumb is a modern upscale of the 3 3/4" SDCC exclusive carded Crumb that was part of the first version of The Vintage Collection, and the second is a newly sculpted Jedi Luke on a Power of the Force card back with coin. Also shown during the Livestream was the first look at a painted version of the Rancor. Hasbro has provided us official images and press releases below: Tier 3 Unlock: 16,000 Backers Needed Star Wars The Black Series Salacious B. Crumb Mini This Kowakian monkey-lizard may [...]

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Rancor Keeping – HasLab Stats

One week ago, the Star Wars Brand Team at Hasbro officially launched their third crowdfunding project, The Rancor. Just as we have done in the past with both the Sail Barge and the Razor Crest, we are keeping close track of the project's momentum and hopefully success. What makes this project different from its Star Wars predecessors is both that it is the first Star Wars HasLab in 6" scale and it is running alongside not one but two other HasLab projects. To gauge whether having competing HasLabs is a factor, we are charting the progress of all three current projects and comparing them to both the barge and Razor Crest. We would assume there is some carry-over between collectors and brands (we for example [...]

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HasLab’s Razor Crest Tiers 4 & 5

This morning Hasbro Pulse released the details of their fourth and fifth tier unlocks of their current Vintage Collection HasLab project. The Razor Crest having just achieved 13,000 backers, has unlocked "Rick Duel's Gang" in Carbonite Blocks and freed up the campaign for more stretch goals in the final 9 days of crowdfunding. So far backers will be getting the following: Razor Crest vehicle Loose Mandalorian figure with soft goods cape Carded The Child with vac-metalized pram Escape Pod 3 Carbonite Blocks We have been tracking this campaign carefully, just as we did with the Sail Barge in 2018, and many Kickstarter-like campaigns gain lots of backers in the last few days. Hasbro may be betting on this as their new stretch goals now [...]

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Razor Crest’s Third Tier

As promised in last Friday's Fan First Star Wars event, HasbroPulse has dropped the next tier for their current Star Wars HasLab project. The Razor Crest, upon reaching 13,000 backers, will now include four Carbonite Blocks depicting the four seen in Episode 1 of the series. For those who missed the live stream event, it can be found in its entirety on HasbroPusle's YouTube channel. The Cliff Notes version of the stream is as follows: The Child's Pram will be vac metalized and exclusive to the HasLab Hasbro is working on getting the Razor Crest to more foreign markets There are no plans to release the Razor Crest following the HasLab The TVC versions of The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, and the Remnant Trooper will be [...]

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