Galaxy of Toys Podcast #91: Vintage Kenner Droids with Gus Lopez

Are you a fan of the vintage Kenner Droids line from 1985! Well for the five of you, this past week's episode of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast was made for you! Join host Jason Luttrull and co-hosts Matt Fox (This Week in Star Wars), Ryan Beise (MrByZ Reviews), Chris Moorehead, and Jake Stevens (From4-LOMtoZuckuss) as the discuss the figures they didn't have with their good friend and Kenner Droids specialist Gus Lopez! On this episode we give a Mando Monday update as well as talk about Kenner's Vintage Droids action figures and vehicles.  We are joined by famed Star Wars author and collector Gus Lopez. Please send questions and comments to

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“Action Figures: A Star Wars Story” Insider #189

Today, Star Wars Insider #189 hits newsstands and features an article that is exclusively about the lasting impact and nostalgia of the Kenner Star Wars action figure line. The article was written but Star Wars super-collector and author, Gus Lopez. In addition to the delight of seeing Star Wars action figures being written about in the Insider, I was very happy to able to contribute to this particular article by providing Gus some information and images about modern Star Wars action figures. "ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE...YOU, AND STAR WARS TOYS!" The article does a great job highlighting the journey vintage Star Wars action figures have made to becoming the highly valued line it is today. Gus charts not just the gems from the vintage era [...]

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ECCC 2019 Wrap Up Coverage

With ECCC now a week behind us, we've finally had time to properly process this year's experience. As always, we view conventions through mostly Star Wars-tinted glasses and this year was a doozy. We, of course, have already indicated the massive amount of Star Wars opportunities at this year's show in our annual Guide to Star Wars at Emerald City Comic Con. What we forgot to mention was the incredible collaboration by the many costuming groups in the Seattle area. Star Wars: The Ultimate Experience was put on as a fundraiser for Seattle Children's Hospital and a great experience indeed for fans of any part of the Saga! For a quick tour of the exhibit, check out the video below:   A great feature about any [...]

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Plastic Crack – New Collecting Docu Series

The first season of the new documentary series on toy collecting, Plastic Crack, is now available on Amazon Prime. We are excited for this series because not only for our love of most of the toy lines featured but it spotlights our friend Gus Lopez in Episode 2 and his infamous toy and prop collection, The Bobacabana. We can't thank you enough for your patience and support to our project. We are happy to announce that the first season is available NOW on Amazon Prime (Link for the US) (Link for the UK) for now since in the next months we will be announcing the platforms that will carry the series on different countries. Again, many many thanks and we sincerely hope you all like it!

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New 12″ Additions & 3PO Red Arm Day

We have updated Target's Exclusive 12" 3-pack featuring droids from The Force Awakens to our 12" Action Figure Hero Series Checklist page. This set which was made available a few days prior to last week's release of Episode VII on Blu-ray/DVD is fantastic due solely to Goldenrod. C-3PO has not only one of the best sculpts for a Hasbro 12" figure to date but a terrific paint job that could only be outdone with vac-metalizing. Speaking of 3PO, today is long-delayed day where we find out exactly why he has a red arm in TFA in Marvel Comic's Star Wars Special: C-3PO (Journey to The Force Awakens) #1. This issue will ship with a 3PO Action Figure Variant cover and an exclusive version from Wonderland [...]

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“SARLACC 20” & Galaxy of Toys Returns

Last month SARLACC (Seattle Area Lucasfilm Artifact Collector Club) celebrated their 20th Anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, the collecting club hosted a three-day event which consisted of toys runs, trivia contests and the viewing of some of the most amazing Star Wars collections in the area.  Now Seattle is becoming no stranger to epic Star Wars events as these series of parties was held one-year after ICE Seattle event which brought collectors from all over the world to Seattle for a five-day collector event. To read more about ICE, the International Collectors Event, click on the pic. “S20”, as members of SARLACC affectionately referred to September’s anniversary event, began on a Friday with a party hosted at the home of Galaxy of Toys Podcast’s host [...]

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