New 12″ Additions & 3PO Red Arm Day

We have updated Target's Exclusive 12" 3-pack featuring droids from The Force Awakens to our 12" Action Figure Hero Series Checklist page. This set which was made available a few days prior to last week's release of Episode VII on Blu-ray/DVD is fantastic due solely to Goldenrod. C-3PO has not only one of the best sculpts for a Hasbro 12" figure to date but a terrific paint job that could only be outdone with vac-metalizing. Speaking of 3PO, today is long-delayed day where we find out exactly why he has a red arm in TFA in Marvel Comic's Star Wars Special: C-3PO (Journey to The Force Awakens) #1. This issue will ship with a 3PO Action Figure Variant cover and an exclusive version from Wonderland [...]

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Easter Greetings from BB-Egg

  “When you care to send the very best, say it with Star Wars action figures!” For more Holiday Greetings from your friends at Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

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Merry Christmas Eve

While we are basking in the joy and euphoria that is The Force Awakens we'd like to take a moment between viewings to wish you all a Merry Christmas! We'd also like to thank Hasbro and Hunter PR for their generous #ChooseLightSide boxes throughout the year! Hasbro products have brought us happiness for well over three decades now and we are happy to pass it on to the next generation as well! Until next Christmas when we head to the theaters again, May the Figures be with you!

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