New 12″ Additions & 3PO Red Arm Day

We have updated Target's Exclusive 12" 3-pack featuring droids from The Force Awakens to our 12" Action Figure Hero Series Checklist page. This set which was made available a few days prior to last week's release of Episode VII on Blu-ray/DVD is fantastic due solely to Goldenrod. C-3PO has not only one of the best sculpts for a Hasbro 12" figure to date but a terrific paint job that could only be outdone with vac-metalizing. Speaking of 3PO, today is long-delayed day where we find out exactly why he has a red arm in TFA in Marvel Comic's Star Wars Special: C-3PO (Journey to The Force Awakens) #1. This issue will ship with a 3PO Action Figure Variant cover and an exclusive version from Wonderland [...]