As promised in last Friday’s Fan First Star Wars event, HasbroPulse has dropped the next tier for their current Star Wars HasLab project. The Razor Crest, upon reaching 13,000 backers, will now include four Carbonite Blocks depicting the four seen in Episode 1 of the series.

For those who missed the live stream event, it can be found in its entirety on HasbroPusle’s YouTube channel.

The Cliff Notes version of the stream is as follows:

  • The Child’s Pram will be vac metalized and exclusive to the HasLab
  • Hasbro is working on getting the Razor Crest to more foreign markets
  • There are no plans to release the Razor Crest following the HasLab
  • The TVC versions of The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, and the Remnant Trooper will be released again at the time of the Razor Crest’s ship date
  • And the above mentioned Third Tier, which now has dropped.

At the time of print, the campaign now sits at 11,050 backers. The addition of the Carbonite Blocks seems to have excited fans as Tuesday saw 10x the amount of backers than the previous day.

Now while the official names of the four bounties have yet to be revealed, many vintage Marvel Comics fans have taken to identifying three of them as members of the Rik Duel Gang. The following image was provided to us by the good folks at Star Wars Comic Books:

Our friends at Fantha Tracks have already created some great comparison photos of each new slab:

Until Lucasfilm gives us proper identities, we are more than happy to believe this is Rik, Chihdo and Dani!

May the Figures be with you!