Geek. Dad. Life’s Toy Geeks – Best Toy Maker of the 90’s

A few weeks ago we had the distinct pleasure of lending our thoughts to Geek. Dad. Life's latest debate on who the best toy maker of the 90's was. Host Jay Glatfelter took on Toy Anxiety's Ryan Doell with moderation from co-host John and Yes Have Some's Craig Goldberg in a no-holds-barred debate between Playmates and Toy Biz. Many opinions were offered from various ToyTubers and we were honored to be asked to toss our thoughts into the ring (spoiler - we went all in for Hasbro). You can join in on the fun by watching in the link below!

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HasLab x2 – It’s Now or Never!

As of this writing, we are under 24 hours left for fans to back the HasLab Black Series 6" Rancor! This crowdfunding campaign is currently at 62% funded which is unprecedented for a Star Wars HasLab. Both its predecessors, the Sail Barge and the Razor Crest funded before the final day. This particular project has seen some setbacks due to the choice of stretch goals not connecting with collectors and some sites and groups actively campaigning against the beast due to a number of reasons. Some have also argued that the competition of the Ghostbusters and GI Joe HasLabs have slowed the success of the Star Wars project especially as all three are taking place during the holiday season when wallets are tight. Hasbro [...]

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