HasLab Sentinel Funds in 26 Hours!

In just under 26 hours, Hasbro's latest HasLab funded completely. The Marvel Legends collectors showed up in strides when it came to backing the $350 Sentinel which stands at 26" tall. The figure was limited to just five per person. Its body a towering, technological marvel, the Sentinel scans the world for its quarry, a searching light emanating from its chest, its glowing eyes a warning… and a threat. Programmed with only one objective, to destroy all mutant life on Earth, the Sentinel will not hesitate, will not falter, and will never ever stop hunting. Rising from the pages of Marvel comics, appearing in everything from cartoons to movies to video games, the Sentinel is as a monumental part of Marvel lore, an iconic [...]

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The Barge Has Now Officially Sailed Off

This afternoon, Pacific Standard Time, the crowdfunded Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna) and new centerpiece of The Vintage Collection, went on sale on eBay for international collectors. Four-hundred Barges were put up for Buy It Now and within 9 minutes and 52 seconds, they were completely sold through. Even more impressive is that over 300 of them were sold in the first 2 minutes. Now that what we believe to be the remaining Barges that were produced have been sold, we are now free to guesstimate how many over all Barges were produced by Hasbro. We know Hasbro stated no more than 10,000 were produced. We know 8,810 were crowdfunded by American and Canadian collectors. And now we know that 400 were sold internationally. So [...]

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The Sail Barge of Our Dreams

It was just over a year ago when Hasbro announced the HasLab initiative and when we couldn't log on fast enough to lend our support (we believe we were just about the 10th backer). For the next 45 days we tracked the daily progress of The Khetanna, knowing full well at first it was not a sure thing but as we predicted (at about the halfway point) the Barge became a reality just before the deadline. Flash forward a year and a month and the toy/playset that sits before us was both worth the wait and worth every single penny. Upon our Monday delivery of the barge, Sprocket the Minature Schnauzer quickly claimed it for himself. As much as he thought he we would make the perfect [...]

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Last Day to Back the Barge

Today is the final day to support HasbroLab.com's Jabba's Sail Barge! By backing the barge today you will guarantee a February 2019 delivery of the largest toy Hasbro has produced since GI Joe's USS Flagg released in the mid-eighties. The Khetanna was fully funded this past Friday and backers will be receiving the Behind the Workbench booklet next week. This project is quite exciting for longtime and Vintage Collection collectors. So much so that even the person who helped destroy the barge is promoting Hasbro's version: #ad Like I told Jabba -- this is your last chance! #BackTheBarge, or you’ll regret it! Only 1 day left to support #HasLab & add this incredible vehicle to your collection. You don’t want to be the next #SarlaccSnack! Find out more info [...]

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Jabba’s Barge Officially Set to Sail

Hasbro's new venture of crowdfunding through HasbroLab.com has officially been supported by collectors and fans as at 10:45 AM PST, Jabba's Sail Barge crossed its goal of 5000 backers. According to the HasLab website, she will launch into production upon funding. The massive 4 foot vehicle will be shipped to backers in February 2019. Fans will start receiving next month a Behind the Workbench booklet which details the creation process of The Khetanna. Congrats to Hasbro for a successful campaign and here's to a new era of giving fans and collectors items that would not work in normal retail avenues. We'll be seeing your over the dunes of Tatooine!

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A Khetanna full of Klaatus

Hasbro has shared with us a few items that show the true scale of The Khetanna! First off, for those who already own the massive Legacy Millennium Falcon, Jabba's Sail Barge eclipses it by a foot and a half! Secondly, Hasbro has released a video showing the capacity of the Barge with the upcoming Skiff Guard, Klaatu! Time is running out on backing the Barge. You can be one of the 760 backers still needed to make this amazing vehicle a reality! You have until April 3rd but don't delay and #backthebarge today at HasbroLab.com.

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Yak Face Joins Jabba’s Sail Barge

This morning Entertainment Weekly gave us a first look at of a fully painted Jabba's Sail Barge which is currently being crowd-funded by Hasbro's new Hasbrolab.com.  The impressive paint application truly make all the details and accessories come to life on this potential Vintage Collection piece. The most exciting news of the day is the announcement of a bonus figure. A Power of the Force carded Yak Face will be given to barge backers. This figure on this particular cardback will be exclusive to the HasLab barge. A regular Vintage Collection version on a Return of the Jedi card will still be released in the vintage line later next year. Hasbro has posted a time-lapse video of the painting process for the model seen [...]

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The Sail Barge Sailing Toward Full-Funding

This past weekend, Hasbro’s HasLab campaign to bring Jabba’s Sail Barge to collectors surpassed the half-way mark to being fully funded. The 4-foot crowdfund vehicle set to be a part of The Vintage Collection reached the 50% point just prior to the campaign itself being half way over. Unfortunately, one of the problems with campaigns that run longer than 30 days is the slow down which occurs toward the middle of the process. There are many collectors, websites, podcasters, and YouTubers who mistake this slowdown as a lack of interest. This slowdown is very common at this stage of a campaign and here is why. According to crowdfunding site Indiegogo, “we found when analyzing these 100,000 campaigns (not just ones that met their goals) is [...]

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Support for the Sail Barge

As many of you know and for those who don't, Hasbro announced a new venture to bring fans and collectors a once-in-a-lifetime piece to add to their collections: Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna). This massive 4 foot-long vehicle is the largest Star Wars toy ever produced! Hasbro has created HasLab, a special crowd-funded campaign to bring collectors large sets that would not be feasible at normal retail. For The Khetanna to become a reality, it needs 5000 backers by April 3rd, 2018. To learn more about this amazing opportunity please watch and then share with your fellow collectors this video. The momentum since its announcement at New York Toy Fair has been great but it still needs your support if you are able. Now currently, Jabba's Sail [...]

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