Black Series Archive Collection Final Vote

Hasbro Pulse has now launched the final vote for fans to choose the next figure to be included in the 2020 Black Series Archive Collection. From4-LOMtoZuckuss and other Fan Media Sites hosted the first round and now hosting the final vote. We are very excited by the 10 finalists as it shows once again our readers and fans have their pulse directly on the hobby as the final ten we submitted to Hasbro was the exact ten figures that made the final vote! At Hasbro Pulse, fans come first! That’s why we’re counting on YOU to help choose the next Star Wars The Black Series Archive Collection figure. Thanks to all the fans that participated in the first round of voting with the fan [...]

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Hasbro’s ESB Fan Vote Numbers

Yesterday, Hasbro Pulse on their Instagram page released the percentage breakdown for their recent 40th Anniversary Fan Vote for The Empire Strikes Back. The vote, which was initially hosted here and at other fan sites, came down to Luke and Wedge on the final vote and as we can now see the winner just barely edged ahead. View this post on Instagram How close was our fan vote? Tighter than Beggar’s Canyon – and just like back then, Luke threaded the Stone Needle and came out on top! Thank you for voting! A post shared by Hasbro Pulse (@hasbropulse) on Mar 19, 2019 at 6:03am PDT Now some of these results were interesting while others were predictable. The Hoth Rebel Trooper and Lobot had a huge following [...]

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The Final ESB 6″ Fan Vote

The final vote for which figure from The Empire Strikes Back fans would like to see released in The Black Series line is now live on HasbroPulse's Instagram page. The vote will be open for just a few days and will close on Friday, March 8th. The following characters were culled from the 11 participating sites and are as follows: Lobot 2-1B Droid Hoth Rebel Soldier Willrow Hood Wedge Antilles (Snowspeeder) Princess Leia (Bespin Gown) Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) Ugnaught Imperial Probe Droid FX-7 Medical Droid Now last week we crunched the numbers and this list matches perfect with what we found from each of the participating websites' final nominations: Remember to cast your vote by Friday for who you'd like to see in The Black Series 6" [...]

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Hasbro’s ESB Fan Vote – 1st Round Finishers

Well, the votes are in for round one of The Empire Strikes Back Fan Vote. We want to thank all who "made their vote heard" but posting on social or by emailing us their choice for the next Black Series figure from Episode V! We have tallied up your nominations and have sent the following 10 character selections to Hasbro for round two which will take place on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page. The following fan sites also participated in the Fan Vote and may be posting their 1st round results soon. Fantha Tracks Imperial Shipyards Jedi News Star Wars Action News Star Wars News Net Yodas News So without further ado, here are our TOP TEN nominees who are moving on to [...]

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Hasbro’s Empire Strikes Back Fan Figure Vote

At this weekend's Toy Fair Entertainment Brand Preview event, Hasbro announced that they will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In anticipation of the anniversary happening next year,  Hasbro is letting fans decide which Star Wars character they would like to see added to The Black Series line. Starting today, Tuesday, 2/19, you'll be able to cast your vote on which Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back character you would like to be seen made into a 6-inch figure. Rules on voting Only characters from The Empire Strikes Back may be nominated Only 1 vote can be submitted per email address or social handle per day Votes need to be submitted between 12pm EST on Tuesday, February 19th and 11:59pm EST on Thursday, February 21st. To cast your [...]

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