Hasbro Pulse has now launched the final vote for fans to choose the next figure to be included in the 2020 Black Series Archive Collection. From4-LOMtoZuckuss and other Fan Media Sites hosted the first round and now HasbroPulse.com hosting the final vote. We are very excited by the 10 finalists as it shows once again our readers and fans have their pulse directly on the hobby as the final ten we submitted to Hasbro was the exact ten figures that made the final vote!

At Hasbro Pulse, fans come first! That’s why we’re counting on YOU to help choose the next Star Wars The Black Series Archive Collection figure.

Thanks to all the fans that participated in the first round of voting with the fan media sites! Based on the results of the first round, we are excited to present the final 10 candidates.

As a reminder, the winning figure will be added to the Star Wars The Black Series Archive Collection line in 2021, and (if applicable) will be updated using Photo Real technology.

Just cast your vote by Friday, May 29, 12:00 PM EST. The winning figure will be announced in June. Online voting requires a Hasbro Pulse account (available to U.S. and Canadian residents ages 16+ only). Limit of 1 vote per day per account. Hasbro reserves the right to maintain final approvals for any figure to be brought into production for any reason whatsoever.

Thanks for being a fan!

The figures to make the final vote are listed below. Make sure to get your vote in by the 29th and best of luck to your figure of choice!

2020-05-15_1814 2020-05-15_1814_001 2020-05-15_1815 2020-05-15_1815_001