fan vote esb

The final vote for which figure from The Empire Strikes Back fans would like to see released in The Black Series line is now live on HasbroPulse’s Instagram page.

The vote will be open for just a few days and will close on Friday, March 8th. The following characters were culled from the 11 participating sites and are as follows:

  1. Lobot
  2. 2-1B Droid
  3. Hoth Rebel Soldier
  4. Willrow Hood
  5. Wedge Antilles (Snowspeeder)
  6. Princess Leia (Bespin Gown)
  7. Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)
  8. Ugnaught
  9. Imperial Probe Droid
  10. FX-7 Medical Droid

Now last week we crunched the numbers and this list matches perfect with what we found from each of the participating websites’ final nominations:


Remember to cast your vote by Friday for who you’d like to see in The Black Series 6″ line from Episode V!