timthumbOn the June 21st episode of RebelForce Radio, host and mega fan Jimmy Mac sat down with supervising director of both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the in-production Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni.  During the interview Mac, being a Star Wars action figure aficionado, asked Filoni to elaborate on his brief video discussion with Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hildalgo about a certain vintage action figure vehicle.  The video was a behind the scenes look at the development of Rebels and in the video Filoni is seen holding a vintage TIE Fighter and saying to Hildalgo, “ten dollars”.  The Emmy winning director revealed to RFR that he had purchased the vehicle still in the box with its sticker sheets from an antique store for $10.  Not only is this a great find at a great value but it continues to show us why Star Wars animation could not be in any better hands than Dave Filoni’s; our fan ambassador supreme and fellow Star Wars fellow action figure enthusiast.

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