JDB phone Summer 063Inspired by the latest episode of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast, 4LOMKUSS.COM tracked down a set of Topps’ 1996 Shadows of the Empire card set.  This 90-card set was entirely painted by The Brothers Hildebrandt who were no strangers to Star Wars as they created the original A New Hope movie poster.  Topps has created many iconic card sets over the years but what makes this set special to us here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss, is it’s obvious use of vintage Kenner vehicles.  One can tell by the detail and portions of these ships that the Hildebrandts for many of their cards used the action figure toys as reference.  Although by 1996 Kenner/Hasbro had alreadybegun making modern Star Wars toys, they had yet to create new versions of any vehicle released in the vintage lines. So whether or not the brothers used a 1978 or a 1995 X-Wing it was still based on vintage Kenner mold.  Thanks again to Tom from IGrewUpStarWars.com for reminding us about these little artistic gems.

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