Today, our friend and Star Wars prototype and prop collector shared one of his most prized acquisitions from the past year. In his post on social media, Lopez revealed the long-thought-lost prototype for the canceled White Witch vehicle from the Droids animated series toy line.

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#BestOf2018 This piece is a significant discovery for Star Wars toy collecting. It’s the White Witch vehicle from the Droids series, which was designed but never produced for that toy line. We know from Kenner photography that Kenner made at least a few samples of these, but for many years collectors did not know if any of those samples still existed. This prototype is the same one used in some of the Kenner photography based on photo matches. To make this find even crazier, it’s pictured here with the hard copy Thall Joben and a protomolded Jord Dusat figures that were also in that photo shoot. Those two figures were traded to me by a couple of friends who really did me a favor in reuniting this set!

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For those not aware, this racing speeder was owned by Thall Joben and Jord Dusat in the Droids cartoon and story books. It was set to be released in the second wave of Kenner’s Droids line but was canceled along with the whole second wave of figures. And while most of the prototypes samples for the action figures have been around for many years now, the White Witch was never seen until “today”. 8671918_orig WhitewitchTo learn even more about this piece, check out its entries at The Star Wars Collector Archive here and here. We had the privilege of viewing and photographing this piece last year. We were surprised to find that the prototype was not white but gray instead.  

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It is truly amazing that still 40 years into the Star Wars action figure line that pieces like this can still appear to the surprise of collectors the world over.

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