The Action Figure History of Episode III’s Jedi Starfighters

With the recent Saga Legends release of two all-new Jedi Starfigther vehicles, From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is taking a look back at the previous incarnations of the Episode III spaceship.  So sit back, strap-in and put just your headpiece on (because apparently flight suits are not needed during the prequel ear?) as we fly through each release and reissue of the Jedi’s newest and last starfigther. The year is 2005 and the release of Star War Episode III: Revenge of the Sith saw our heroes following the Prequel Trilogy tradition of piloting different vehicles with each successive film.  Unlike the Original Trilogy where X-Wings and Falcons remained steadfast throughout the series, the prequels preferred to switch it up with each new installment.  In the opening [...]

The Tacoma Tusken Toy Raids Have Begun

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is so very fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where love for Star Wars is both vibrant and everywhere.  As witnessed by the 100 or so collectors that journeyed to Seattle for the International Collectors Event (I.C.E.) this past Labor Day, Star Wars and the Seattle area are fast friends. To learn even more about I.C.E. Seattle 2013, make sure to check out some of these great articles and podcasts by our friends at: Star Wars Action News Galaxy of Toys Podcast Just 25 minutes South of Seattle will land you in Tacoma, Washington and the home of a handful of shops who like to peddle the force.  For our latest raid we ventured to two of the six [...]

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More I.C.E. Seattle 2013 Coverage

Galaxy of Toys Podcast has just released their podcast taped live at the Star Wars International Collectors Event (I.C.E) held in Seattle, WA over the Labor Day weekend.  Our very own Jake (4LOMKUSS himself) makes a guest-appearance on the show which also features major Star Wars collecting celebrities such as Gus Lopez, Arnie and Marjorie from Star Wars Action News, Duncan Jenkins, the cast of The 'Chive Cast, Steve Sansweet and more. If you enjoy hearing from some of the world's most prolific Star Wars collectors, then this is a must listen episode.  Taped mostly at Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens' Indiana Jones/Skywalker Ranch inspired library this episode does a great job of painting a complete picture of what occurred at I.C.E. Seattle. To listen [...]

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Kaboom Toys’ Darth Macho and Friends

What do you get when you cross a Tonka action figure with a Kenner Vader figure?  Darth Macho of course!  Kaboom Toys has merged these two figures into one unique figure.  Darth Macho may not be Star Wars cannon but it is quite an interesting figure for vintage or Darth Vader focus collectors.  This particular Sith Lord is described as follows: Darth Macho is not your normal asthmatic cyber man, he's buff and beautiful and waiting poolside for your sexy ass to have a cocktail with him. He comes fully equipped with a gray display / platform to stand on, an orange light saber and a black vinyl cape. He stands 4" tall. Darth Macho is the brainchild of artist Christopher Cannon who creates original [...]

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I.C.E. Seattle 2013 – An Event Long to be Remembered

This past Labor Day weekend Seattle played host to a one-of-a-kind Star Wars event: I.C.E. Seattle 2013.  This International Collector Event was, for the lack of a better description, a 5-day “convention” for Star Wars collectors the world over.  Unlike the typical convention which is open to the public and heavily advertised, I.C.E was a tightly kept secret by those involved in or with the collecting community.  It was not publicized and was by invitation only because of the locations that the convention took place. Seattle and the surrounding area was the destination for the approximate 200 collectors who attended because of the regions high concentration of world-renowned Star Wars collectors.  Many of the I.C.E. events took place at the private homes of these collectors [...]

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