darth macho

What do you get when you cross a Tonka action figure with a Kenner Vader figure?  Darth Macho of course!  Kaboom Toys has merged these two figures into one unique figure.  Darth Macho may not be Star Wars cannon but it is quite an interesting figure for vintage or Darth Vader focus collectors.  This particular Sith Lord is described as follows:

Darth Macho is not your normal asthmatic cyber man, he’s buff and beautiful and waiting poolside for your sexy ass to have a cocktail with him.

He comes fully equipped with a gray display / platform to stand on, an orange light saber and a black vinyl cape. He stands 4″ tall.

Darth Macho is the brainchild of artist Christopher Cannon who creates original action figures from discarded toys of the past. Sixty dollars is all it will take to own this Expanded-Expanded Universe Vader and can be purchased at Storenvy.com.

Cannon refers to his creations as “Mash-Ups of the Multiverse” and Darth Macho is not alone.  For a cool $25, fans can also

capn armbot

own a beefed-up skeleton-headed version of Nikto.  To check out other Star Wars themed mash-ups from Cannon head on over to his website by clicking here and see the likes of his multi-colored Wampas, Zany Vaders and Koopa Storm Troopas.