Our First Figure Giveaway!

  If you are anything like us, "Giveaways" and "Figures" are two of our favorite words!  In appreciation of all our readers and followers, we are holding our first Figure Giveaway.   To enter, simply head over to From 4-LOM to Zuckuss's Facebook page and simply "LIKE" or "COMMENT" on the post containing the image below.  All "LIKES" and "COMMENTS" must be made by midnight this Sunday, March 2nd, 2014. Good luck and "May the Figures be with you!"

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Talking Toy Fair with GoT and Zeb Debuts

I once again joined the hosts of Galaxy of Toys Podcast (A discussion about Star Wars toys vintage to modern) to discuss all the upcoming 2014 action figure goodness revealed at this past weekend's Toy Fair.  Tune it to hear our breakdown of all the new product and lines announced and to hear how Tom really feels about the 12" Hero line's X-Wing. Also debuting today at IGN.com is a new Star Wars Rebels character introduction video.  This time we met Zeb who is a new alien based on OT concept artist Ralph McQuarrie's initial Chewbacca designs.  We have received this figure in "realistic" form back in 2007's The 30th Anniversary line. Excited to see that AT-STs and Ugnaughts are slated to appear in the series [...]

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The Star Wars Holiday Special Action Figure Celebration

In any self respecting vintage fan's house, the holiday season does not begin with Thanksgiving but instead with Life Day.  That’s right, tomorrow, November 17 is the 35th anniversary of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.  And like many old school aficionados, we'll be dusting off our bootleg DVDs (purchased from some shady booth at a comic-con long past) in order sit down and enjoy close to two hours of mostly forgotten Star Wars lore. Shown only once in 1978, virtually denied by George Lucas himself and never released since; the Holiday Special is a “special” type of Star Wars media.  It holds the honor of being one of the first Star Wars spin-offs to ever be produced.  A fact that is widely forgotten in today’s Star Wars saturated [...]

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The Action Figure History of Episode III’s Jedi Starfighters

With the recent Saga Legends release of two all-new Jedi Starfigther vehicles, From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is taking a look back at the previous incarnations of the Episode III spaceship.  So sit back, strap-in and put just your headpiece on (because apparently flight suits are not needed during the prequel ear?) as we fly through each release and reissue of the Jedi’s newest and last starfigther. The year is 2005 and the release of Star War Episode III: Revenge of the Sith saw our heroes following the Prequel Trilogy tradition of piloting different vehicles with each successive film.  Unlike the Original Trilogy where X-Wings and Falcons remained steadfast throughout the series, the prequels preferred to switch it up with each new installment.  In the opening [...]

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