“Coining a Galaxy” An Invaluable Resource

Collectors James Gallo and Mark Salotti have put together one of the most comprehensive and beautiful resources for vintage collectors.  "Coining a Galaxy - A Guide to Kenner's Star Wars Coins" has everything you ever needed to know about the vintage collector coins and also the Millennium Minted coins from the early POTF2 series.  This book, published in 2012, profiles not only the coins released with The Power of the Force, Ewoks and Droids series but each mail-away, prototype and concept Kenner was panning for their post 1985 series.  Having a very limited print run of 500, only about 100 are still available according to author Gallo. To get your copy before they are gone head to www.coiningagalaxy.com to check out sample pages and to place an [...]

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Hasbro’s CEII Panel & Time Differences

Just a friendly reminder that there is a significant time difference between the US and Germany, therefore Hasbro's Celebration Europe II panel will be taking place in the middle of the night for us in the States.  According to the Starwarscelebration.eu's "My Show Planner" the panel is set for July 28th at 10:30 AM.  For those on Pacific Time that would be 1:30 AM and for those on the East Coast it would be 4:30 AM on the 28th. The following is the official description of the panel: Join members of the Hasbro brand and design team including Jeff Labovitz (Director, Global Brand Marketing, Hasbro) and more as they discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars line. Attendees will also get a [...]

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Wicket Spoiled by Skywalker Himself

Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Warwick Davis present at a con or has read lots of Star Wars interviews has most likely heard this story before.  Davis reflecting on his first few days on the set filming Return of the Jedi is a great little story and reminds us of what a class act Mark Hamill is. This snippet is from issue 143 (Aug/Sept '13) of Star Wars Insider which is guest edited by Wicket himself.  Its funny to think that Davis has been in more Star Wars productions than Hamill but here's our wish that we will be seeing both in film and plastic form again in the future.

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The Creation Motivation for Saga Legends Figures

Arnie, host of Star Wars Action News Podcast, was able to get some great insight as to why Hasbro has begun making less articulated Star Wars action figures.  The super-collector and his fellow collector and wife Marjorie attended last week's San Diego Comic-Con and spoke directly to Hasbro's action figure team.  In the interview with Derryl DePriest (Vice President of Global Brand Management at Hasbro, Inc. and also fellow action figure collector) reveals why at this point in time Hasbro choose to make the 6 inch TBS figures and if this would cut into the amount of 3 3/4" figures that Hasbro can now release.  Another bit of good news was the confirmation that the next waves of The Black Series, Saga Legends and Mission Series [...]

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SDCC ’13 In-Depth Hasbro Review

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 has now come to a close and we here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss are taking a look at what we learned.  Hasbro’s Star Wars panel this year consisted of equal parts revelations and confirmations.  And as expected due the close scheduling of Celebration Europe 2 left some questions unanswered.  Friday’s hour long panel began with the first thirty minutes devoted to Angry Birds merchandise leaving only about 25 minutes for the multiple action figure lines.  Confirmations In the weeks leading up to SDCC multiple items were previewed/revealed by various sites online such as Flyguy.net and Starwarsfiguren.com.  Most of these items were confirmed by Hasbro in their presentation.  The following items were officially announced: X-Wing Fighter This The Vintage Collection vehicle [...]

The Lost Figures of Hasbro SDCC 2012

As we impatiently wait for this Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Star Wars panel we thought we would take a moment to look back at last year’s SDCC panel. In 2012, Hasbro announced the return of the Build-a-Droid concept in their new Droid Factory Legacy Collection. This series was to feature two (2) Build-a-Droids per wave and the first two waves were announced.  Now we all know that these plans did not stay in place due to a handful of factors: change in guard at Lucasfilm, cancellation of Episodes II and III in 3-D, over-produced Episode I 3-D products filling the shelves, retailers not ordering new product and so on.  These factors led to new figures being released exclusively outside of the US, some exclusively [...]

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Vintage Works of Art

Swedish artist Mats Gunnarsson continues to amaze with his life-like oil paintings.  Now what makes his art extra awesome is that his favorite source of inspiration is Kenner's vintage Star Wars action figure line.  According to his website, Gunnarsson has been drawing his action figures since he was a child and now makes it so you can own some of his art that's been 34-years in the making.  Not only are you able to purchase these fantastic vintage works of art directly from the artist himself but they come shipped in classic looking frames and ready to hang next to your collection of carded figures on the wall. Click the pic to check out his other works or to inquire about a purchase.

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Finally Mini-Rigs Get Some Love!

Redbubble.com now has for sale their "Kennerverse - Collect them All!" merchandise.  This fantastic design depicts the old Kenner logo created out of silhouettes of vintage era Star Wars action figure vehicles and playsets.  The most frequently used silhouettes are those of Kenner's Mini-Rig line which consisted of original concept vehicles Kenner created for extra and cheaper play value for kids. To be the envy of all your friends, click pic to head to Redbubble and get your own (our T-shirts are on the way!).

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Gold 5’s Report – Staying on Target with Upcoming Figure Releases

With convention season at hand and new product being found for the first time in months From 4-LOM to Zuckuss presents its newest section: Gold 5's Report. Gold 5's Report will provide a complete list of all upcoming Star Wars action figures releases here on From 4-LOM to Zuckuss (4LOMKUSS.COM) and on Facebook.com/4LOMKUSS we will help collectors to "stay on target" by providing store reports and useful toy hunting links and tips. Now we know from our experience with the Death Star trench that Gold 5 can't do it alone so we encourage our readers to join the squadron by sharing any store reports or recent findings you may have on our official Facebook page. Stay connected with From 4-LOM to Zuckuss over the next [...]

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In 1996 Kenner Ships Ruled the Card Art Modeling World

Inspired by the latest episode of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast, 4LOMKUSS.COM tracked down a set of Topps' 1996 Shadows of the Empire card set.  This 90-card set was entirely painted by The Brothers Hildebrandt who were no strangers to Star Wars as they created the original A New Hope movie poster.  Topps has created many iconic card sets over the years but what makes this set special to us here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss, is it's obvious use of vintage Kenner vehicles.  One can tell by the detail and portions of these ships that the Hildebrandts for many of their cards used the action figure toys as reference.  Although by 1996 Kenner/Hasbro had alreadybegun making modern Star Wars toys, they had yet to [...]

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