427878_10151076911847545_2128255843_nCollectors James Gallo and Mark Salotti have put together one of the most comprehensive and beautiful resources for vintage collectors.  “Coining a Galaxy – A Guide to Kenner’s Star Wars Coins” has everything you ever needed to know about the vintage collector coins and also the Millennium Minted coins from the early POTF2 series.  This book, published in 2012, profiles not only the coins released with The Power of the Force, Ewoks and Droids series but each mail-away, prototype and concept Kenner was panning for their post 1985 series.  Having a very limited print run of 500, only about 100 are still available according to author Gallo. To get your copy before they are gone head to www.coiningagalaxy.com to check out sample pages and to place an order.

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is proud to have added this book to our library and we have also added it to our Collecting Resources page found above.