Arnie, host of Star Wars Action News Podcast, was able to get some great insight as to why Hasbro has begun making less articulated Star Wars action figures.  The super-collector and his fellow collector and wife Marjorie attended last week’s San Diego Comic-Con and spoke directly to Hasbro’s action figure team.  In the interview with Derryl DePriest (Vice President of Global Brand Management at Hasbro, Inc. and also fellow action figure collector) reveals why at this point in time Hasbro choose to make the 6 inch TBS figures and if this would cut into the amount of 3 3/4″ figures that Hasbro can now release.  Another bit of good news was the confirmation that the next waves of The Black Series, Saga Legends and Mission Series will be announced at this weekend’s mega Star Wars convention: Celebration Europe II.

Star Wars Action News is a great source for new and upcoming action figure information, reviews and commentary and is highly recommended for any Star Wars figure collector.  Click the pic above to head over to their official site and to hear Hasbro’s perspectives and answers to everything and more mentioned above.