This last week our own Jake  Stevens had the pleasure of guest appearing on The Super Awesome Geek Show PodcastThe host’s John Adams and Jason Rigden chat with Jake about his site, collecting, fan clubs and other awesomely geeky Star Wars topics! To give this episode a listen click the logo below.


The Super Awesome Geek Show is a show where four friends geek out about things we have loved our whole lives and new things that we have just discovered. We get to meet the creators at conventions and geek out with webcomic and graphic novel guys on recorded interviews. Sometimes we invite special guests for the show that will geek out with us about a topic for an entire 20 minutes or more! Awesome. We are four geeks just having a lot of fun on a show about geeky things.

Make sure to also check out their other recent Star Wars themed show featuring super collector Mark Bellomo!

We’d like to thank our fellow SARLACC member John for the invitation to be on the show! We had a great time and would happy to show off our super awesome geek side again anytime!

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