This week has been filled with so much Star Wars its been a fantastic challenge to keep up with it all! The week began with a Philip Reed’s Universe Expanded Kickstarter to produce a book exclusively about The Power of the Force’s Expanded Universe line of figures.


The next Wave (3) of Saga Legends line appeared online over at

On Monday, the Star Wars Fan Film Awards were announced and this time around they are full of action figures cameos!

(And some cool animated bounty hunters!)


Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced on Tuesday. This will include 20 published works that tie into or lead up to December’s The Force Awakens.

“All titles published under Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be canonical within the Star Wars universe, and in-continuity with the Star Warsfilms, animated series, new books, and Marvel comics.”

Click the pic for more info.


NewSagaLegends01A_largeOn Wednesday appeared to post a single figure from Wave 4 of the Saga Legends; SL27 Han Solo (Endor). The jury’s still out if this truly is the figure Amazon says it is which is rumored to not be available until May. (We’ll let you know when ours gets here.)

Also on Wednesday, Marvel Comic’s released Star Wars #3 featuring their fifth “Action Figure” variant cover. This time featuring Old Ben.


During the middle of the week many fans began receiving their Star Wars Celebration Anaheim badges.


(Picture via All Things R2)


(Picture via Jay McDowell)

This then led to some pretty major announcements on Thursday. First were the final round of celebrity announcements for Star Wars Celebration including a few mystery guests from The Force Awakens was made and then the official release dates for the next two Star Wars films were revealed as well.


December 16th, 2016   Star Wars: Rogue One

– The first standalone Star Wars film starring Felicity Jones and directed by Gareth Edwards.

May 26th, 2017   Star Wars Episode VIII

– Directed by Rian Johnson

Now no details about the plot were revealed (crossing our fingers that Rogue One will star Rogue Squadron) but what one thing that is fantastic about this news is that Star Wars will be returning to its proper home in May in 2017!

With all of these major releases, reveals and announcements, we’ve made loads of updates to the following pages:

With just about a month to go till Celebration we and many other fan groups, sites and podcasts will be gearing up for one heck of a party  which is sure to be full of tons more of announcements.

But until then,

May the Figures be with you!