Today Entertainment Weekly and released a behind the scenes featurette on the upcoming Star Wars: Resistance.

Meet Team Fireball – Star Wars Resistance on Disney Video

This series which is a design departure from previous Star Wars animated projects is set to be geared toward younger audiences. The style is self-admittedly anime based and feels a lot like Netflix’s Voltron series.


The series which is set in the time leading up to The Force Awakens appears to feature a lot of great new ships, unique droids, and Original Trilogy aliens. We are very excited about all of these elements as they lend themselves well to becoming toys (very toyetic). As ships have not been a huge priority for Hasbro of late, we can foresee a line of Action Fleet-type vehicles to accompany a Resistance toy line. Hasbro has yet to announce a dedicated line of toys of any kind to support the series but our fingers are crossed that we could at Toy Fair 2019 see a line revealed to get us through until Episode IX.



Red First Order agents and the possibility of finally getting a 3.75″ General Leia from TFA is very exciting. We assume if a line is released it will follow the characteristics of the animated series and not be done in realistic form. But for any figures which may get integrated into The Black Series or The Vintage Collection, Hasbro has already confirmed that those lines will only include realistic interpretations.


Star Wars: Resistance debuts October 7th at 10 on the Disney Channel!