This past weekend Hasbro held a panel for the third time this Summer in North America. At Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Hasbro revealed two new additions for their popular action figure lines. The panel featured Hasbro talent; Andrea Demiaco, Sam Smith, and Steven Gilbert. The first reveal was that Captain Phasma will be joining The Vintage Collection. Hasbro has provided us press images for each of the new reveals.




Now Phasma is a reissue from the Wal*Mart’s 3 3/4″ Black Series exclusive version and will be on card number #142. The back of the card also provides an additional reveal as Chewbacca is listed on the back of the card in his Original Trilogy accessories.

The second reveal was a part of The Black Series line which will be getting the first Hasbro version of Dryden Voss.



The choice was made by Hasbro to not include a separate head featuring his facial scars but instead, they choose to use thermochromatic paint on his face and blades for color-changing effects. This is the first time that color change has been used on a Hasbro figure line.

During the panel we also learned the following:

  • Correllian Patrol Trooper (TBS) has a removable belt and pivoting abdomen
  • Ezra (TBS) has new articulated features including a triple bar-bell neck
  • Chopper (TBS) has arms that all fold into the body and has an adjustable stand
  • Princess Leia (TBS) photo-real tech has given the most realistic Carrie Fisher to-date
  • The Archive Series will be four figures per season
  • Starting in 2019 all facial portraits in The Vintage Collection will feature photo real technology
  • Darth Revan (TVC) will include only one lightsaber
  • Rogue One Stormtrooper (TVC) will feature a clean high-gloss finish which originally was going to be dirty
  • The Ghost is bigger than the Falcon and not something they are going to make
  • No plans to shift the line look of The Black Series
  • Resistance and Clone Wars figures sound as if they will be incorporated in existing lines
  • No comment when asked if there will something to tie into the opening of Galaxy’s Edge
  • Archive Black Series sets will most likely not include new tooling and softgoods
  • General Leia vaguely figure hinted out

A big thanks to Mike TMC and Nicholas M for the convention correspondence!

We have one more convention before the end of the year as Hasbro will present at New York Comic Con in October and we’ll be sure to bring you all the coverage when it drops!

Until then,

May the Figures be with you!