Toys ‘R’ Us has followed Target’s lead in resetting their toy aisles for the holiday season with a heavy Star Wars presence. In fact they have taken it one step further and devoted a whole feature area to the upcoming series Star Wars Rebels as well.  With their soon to be released Mission Series exclusive Toys ‘R’ Us has clearly embraced the new direction of Star Wars and so it only makes sense that have become the first to release Rebels action figure product.  The first wave of the “Class II Attack Vehicles” consists of two Imperial vehicles and one Rebel vehicle and have been previously advertised for release in October.  A weekend toy run resulted in us finding this wave and they have left us with excited and mixed results. Well enough talk, let’s get on with it; From 4-LOM to presents our first Rebels Review!

AT-DP (All Terrain Defense Pod)

AT-DPs (All Terrain Defense Pods) are ground attack walkers deployed by the Galactic Empire to quell any resistance to the Empire.

The AT-DP is the AT-ST equivalent of Star Wars Rebels.  Based on Joe Johnston concept work it stands much taller than we expected. It appears to be just about the tallest of the two-footed walkers the Empire and Republic engineered (in action figure form).  When compared to the AT-ST mold Kenner pioneered in the 80’s it stands a whole head taller.

All Terrain: Defense Pod vs. Scout Transport

photo 1 (47)

The newer Hasbro AT-ST mold comes in at nearly an equal height.

photo 2 (50)

And it goes without saying that neither Clone Wars era walkers compare to this newest version.

All Terrain: Defense Pod vs. Attack Pod

photo 3 (40)

All Terrain: Defense Pod vs. Recon Transport

photo 4 (36)

photo 2 (48)

As stated previously this release comes with mixed results. The Pros of this particular release are as follows:

  • It is refreshing to be finally getting a new mold. It makes a fine addition to the ever growing Imperial forces that long time collectors have amassed.
  • Because of its designer it has origins in the Original Trilogy which is preferred when dealing with Empire-based vehicle ascetics.
  • Its “clean” deco provides versatility when displaying the vehicle in dioramas.
  • And it stands very well despite having such long legs unlike some of Hasbro’s previous “chicken walkers” which suffered from wobbly joints.


The Cons pertaining to the AT-DP are:photo 4 (32)

  • Despite no longer bearing the Saga Legends title, this release is a firmly a member of the inexpensive vehicle club Hasbro began with its Class II Attack Vehicles from their 2013 Movie Heroes line.
  • Not counting the turret or canopy this walker only has 3 points-of-articulation (swivel head and legs) despite looking like it has a minimum of 4 joints per leg.
  • The legs are only molded on 3 out of 4 sides.
  • The cockpit is a bit snug even for the slimmer Saga Legends figures
  • And most discouraging is its inability for a figure to actually use the opening hatch.

Overall we are excited to be getting new vehicles and soon enough new stories from the galaxy far, far away and while we would like to see a return to higher quality vehicles like those released during The Clone Wars series, we are fairly confident we will when Episode VII breathes new life (and dollars) into the line.  For $23 dollars this makes a nice display piece for collectors but in regards to play value it is a bit lacking which is ironic for a line targeted for a younger audience.

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