Rebels Review: Mission Series – The Ghost (Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive)

Our second Rebels Review focuses on Toys ‘R’ Us’ newest action figure exclusive.  Technically part of the Mission Series line which began in Hasbro’s recent Saga Legends line, this set defies some of the basic characteristics that have come to define a Mission Series set.  This set comes boxed and includes three figures, whereas previous non-exclusive sets have come packaged to be hung on pegs and only include two figures. This set also includes a gimmick which Hasbro has never done in its action figure line before. The package has a secondary title “Reveal the Rebels: Jedi Reveal” and includes a blacked-out window that includes a “Secret Exclusive Figure Inside”. Where this is fun for kids to not know who the hidden figure [...]

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Rebels Review: AT-DP (All Terrain Defense Pod)

Toys 'R' Us has followed Target's lead in resetting their toy aisles for the holiday season with a heavy Star Wars presence. In fact they have taken it one step further and devoted a whole feature area to the upcoming series Star Wars Rebels as well.  With their soon to be released Mission Series exclusive Toys 'R' Us has clearly embraced the new direction of Star Wars and so it only makes sense that have become the first to release Rebels action figure product.  The first wave of the "Class II Attack Vehicles" consists of two Imperial vehicles and one Rebel vehicle and have been previously advertised for release in October.  A weekend toy run resulted in us finding this wave and they have left us with excited and [...]

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