The guys over at Galaxy of Toys Podcast are back from Mid-Winter break with a discussion about Toy Fair 2016. Episode 54 focuses on what Hasbro revealed and had on display at the annual toy show.

Also released this week was a new episode of Star Wars: Collecting Cosmos. The topic for the show based around collecting Star Wars miscelania is collectibles from The Force Awakens.

And finally, this week The Star Wars Collectors Archive put out an article entitled “Intergalactic Talking Heads: A Vintage Collector’s Review of Star Wars
Collecting Podcasts” in which Galaxy of Toys was included.

Galaxy of Toys Podcast is “a discussion about Star Wars toys vintage to modern,” and is hosted by Jason Luttrull along with Tom Berges, Ryan Beise, Chris “Criz Bee” from, and Jake Stevens. They are, respectively, collectors of toothbrushes and Lobot, items from the late ’70s and early ’80s, pretty much everything related to action figures (Ryan “collects them all, from Bend ‘ems to the Black Series”), action figures with the occasional prop replica and life-size item mixed in, and vintage and modern 3 3/4″ figures (Jake has “darn near completed collecting the 3700+ figures out there”).  The second oldest of the podcasts discussed here, Galaxy of Toys debuted January 28, 2013, and, as of this date, has produced 53 episodes.

They are joined on the list by The Chive Cast/Vintage Pod, The Vintage Rebellion and Star Wars Bounty Hunters Collector Podcast. If you were looking for some more audio media while rearranging your displays or getting you through work here are some great options. Click below to check out the full article.

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For a full list of Galaxy of Toys shows and episodes click the link below.

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