At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Super 7 who has not only based their line look and action figure designs off of Kenner, released yet another tribute piece and this time it is a pretty deep cut. The Alien – “Space Wars HeadhammerTribute Xenomorph 3.75″ ReAction Figure with coin which retailed for $15 at the convention is a clear nod to the “original” alien Hammerhead from Kenner’s 1978 Star Wars line.

Now how this repaint of the ReAction Alien figure even makes any sense is because when Kenner was designing the prototype Alien figure back in 1979, they used Hammerhead as the base of their initial sculpt.


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ReAction’s SDCC release would not the be the first time Hammerhead’s classic colors would be used in homage. During Kenner’s Alien and Predator lines of the early 90’s, many figures and Xenomorphs were planned for release but ultimately were canceled due to poor sales. This Egg Pod Alien fell victim to cancellation but again you can see the color choices were based on Hammerhead.


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A huge shout and thanks to our friend Sam L. for seeking out this figure at Comic-Con and sending it to us for review! Super7 does a great job paying tribute to Kenner’s unproduced line and its predecessor Star Wars and that can be seen in the packaging as well.


Now even though Kenner did not begin adding collector coins to their Star Wars line until 1985, this figure offers extra value by adding a Power of the Force styled coin to the figure.

The color match from Hammerhead to Headhammer is absolutely incredible!


Super7 has done a great job in recreating Kenner’s Xenomorph years ago and the coloring choice really makes these two feel like the contemporaries they should have been or technically are.




Again while this is a pretty inside baseball tribute figure, any vintage Kenner and Star Wars collector will want to add this figure to their collections as a lot of love and knowledge went into this release. So next time you are playing in a galaxy far, far away don’t forget about the great Space Wars being fought by good ol’ Headhammer.

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