I was once privileged to spend a few hours chatting with my good friends Mac and Dan over the on The Sandcrawler Podcast this week! The topic of discussion was San Diego Comic-Con which wrapped up this past Sunday. Now, depending on your fandom, this was both an excellent show or a major let down. Tune in to find out what your hosts thought!

After a month since our last episode we are back and excited to talk some Star Wars and we’ve brought along our buddy, Jake Stevens of From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com to help us out!

We’ve all picked up a lot of cool Star Wars merch since our last show including more prototype Power of the Force items for Dan, some great figures from 2015 for Mac and new vehicles for Jake’s collection.

Jake tells us about some panels he hosted with Star Wars celebs at Washington State Comic Con last month including his somewhat awkward conversation with John Ratzenburger.

We then take a look at some of the Star Wars news out of San Diego Comic Con 2019 (or lack thereof) and use the amazing Marvel announcements to ask, “Where’s the Star Wars?”