Marvel & Hasbro – Could There be More to Come?

Over the last week, we have been just thrilled to see some of the newest variant covers for Marvel's Star Wars #1.  The new series is set to debut in January with no less than 39 (and counting) different covers so far. It goes without saying that the one that has got us giddy with excitement was none other than last Friday's reveal of the "Action Figure Variant".  The amazing cover by artist John Tyler Christopher is a great tribute to Kenner's vintage packaging.  The image of the figure itself has more of a modern sensibility yet still retains the vintage (and most recently) 5 points of articulation. Our friend Michael over at Retroblasting was quick to jokingly point out that Luke has a screen accurate blue [...]

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Star Wars Returns to Marvel Comics

With today's announcement that Star Wars comics will return to Marvel Comics has brought out more mixed feeling then we would have thought.  Also these press releases leave so many questions unanswered! Star Wars press release Dark Horse press release Our top 5 unanswered questions: Will Dark Horse comic continuity be completely sweep aside leaving us with three distinct comic book universes? Will Marvel publish more or less Star Wars comics as it is just a drop in the bucket to their overall library? Any chance that they can mimic what GI Joe and Transformers has done and pick-up where the original Marvel series left off? Will the switch to Marvel entice Hasbro to revisit the Comic two-pack concept which they are currently doing in [...]

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Action Figure Comic-Packs – A Hasbro/Dark Horse Affair

If there’s one thing we here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss love almost as much as Star Wars action figures, its Star Wars comic books!  Since there are no action figure comic-packs currently on the horizon we thought we would stop daydreaming of a rekindled relationship between these two and instead take a look back at how it all started. From He-Man to Micro Machines – the birth of the comic and toy mash-up! In the 1980’s it wasn’t uncommon for an action figure line to come packaged with a comic book story of some sort.  For example in 1982, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line became very popular and included a mini-comic book (published by DC Comics) with each of their action figures.  The [...]

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