swde1With today’s announcement that Star Wars comics will return to Marvel Comics has brought out more mixed feeling then we would have thought.  Also these press releases leave so many questions unanswered!

Star Wars press release

Dark Horse press release

Our top 5 unanswered questions:

  1. Will Dark Horse comic continuity be completely sweep aside leaving us with three distinct comic book universes?
  2. Will Marvel publish more or less Star Wars comics as it is just a drop in the bucket to their overall library?
  3. Any chance that they can mimic what GI Joe and Transformers has done and pick-up where the original Marvel series left off?
  4. Will the switch to Marvel entice Hasbro to revisit the Comic two-pack concept which they are currently doing in their Transformer line?
  5. Does this hurt or increase our chances of getting a Jaxxon action figure?

Our top 5 mixed emotions:

  1. Liked the original Marvel comics but enjoyed most Dark Horse series more.
  2. Dark Horse gave so much support and love to Star Wars when no one else did.
  3. Dark Horse titles in the last year or so have not been their best despite increased sales.
  4. Marvel has so many titles, we’re nervous that they many not show Star Wars the same respect Dark Horse did.
  5. Marvel has an incredible talent pool that they odds of screwing Star Wars comics up is very low.

Regardless of the yeahs and nays of these announcements Hasbro has in the past shown both Marvel and Dark Horse comics lots of love and respect.  For a complete breakdown and list of every Star Wars comic book set released check-out our article here.

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