The Future of 3 3/4″ Figures?

Anyone who follows us on social media or has heard Jake Stevens on any of his podcast appearances of late knows we have great concern about the future of the 3 ¾” line. With no confirmation of a The Rise of Skywalker line from Hasbro, early leaks of a new 5” Galaxy of Adventures line based on Episode IV, poor sales of non-Vintage Collection toys and the continued popularity of the 6” Black Series line, we are confident our pessimism is not unfounded. So where exactly does this leave us and those like lifelong 3 ¾” collector Jake? If you ask Mr. Stevens, he will tell you he feels like he has been dumped after 41 years. Like an unwanted break-up that has long been seen coming [...]

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Action Figure Inflation – Part 2 “The Adjusted”

We continue our look at the pricing of Star Wars action figures and how it has evolved over the years since its inception in 1977.  We began two weeks ago with Part 1 "The Figures" which charted the evolution of Star Wars action figure price points over time.  Today we breakdown what the cost of a singled-carded action figure looks like when we take inflation into account. We referenced the CPI (Consumer Price Index) as calculated by the US Dept. of Labor for our cost adjustments and presented each as rounded to the nearest quarter on the histogram below.  This has provided a rather unique perspective on the history of Kenner and Hasbro figure pricing and shows that Hasbro is currently acting a bit outside of their norm these days.  We'll provide [...]

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Action Figure Inflation – Part 1 “The Figures”

In just a matter of days and/or weeks, the first new lines of Star Wars action figures of the year will be showing up in the US. Both new series, The Black Series (TIE Pilot) and Saga Legends (Rebels), will be mirroring the same price points their predecessors of the same name established. The pricing of these lines have challenged the recent trend of action figure inflation and From 4-LOM to Zuckuss will be exploring this new development with a multi-part series simply titled "Action Figure Inflation".  Part 1 "The Figures", is just that, we begin with a look at the pricing of Star Wars action figures since their inception in 1977 (1978 technically for the single carded figures). We'll be bring you our analysis of [...]

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