Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

This holiday is gearing up to be one to remember with the first ever Episode VII: The Force Awakens teaser trailer appearing in 30 theaters around the country and on iTunes this weekend.  Starwars.com has published the complete list of theaters. But before we all venture out for Black Friday shopping or to the theater to see a preview, we here at From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! May the force, and plenty of food, be with you and your families! To view more of our Star Wars figure holiday greetings, click on over to "4LOMKUSS Labs Presents: Fun with Figures".

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A visit from the Wolfpack Podcast!

Hasbro's Star Wars Rebels "Saga Legends" line and the new line of Hot Wheels from their competitor Mattel are the topics of discussion on the newest episode of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast.  In Episode 34, the guys are joined by members of The WolfPack Podcast who share their thoughts on finding toys in stores, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and what the future holds for Hasbro's 3 3/4" line. Tune in to hear what it sounds like when seven Star Wars toy experts, podcasters and fans break down the most recent action figure and toy releases. For a full list of the Galaxy of Toys shows and special guests click here. And as always, let us know what your thoughts are on the show at the podcast’s official Facebook page. And [...]

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A 5POA Stormtrooper Glance

The recently released Saga Legends Rebels line has brought longtime collectors their newest version of a 5 Points of Articulation Stormtrooper.  This limited articulated line which has been met with apprehension from many modern collectors, is a worthy nod to a much simpler (but also then revolutionary) form of action figure. The original Stormtrooper was part of Kenner's first 12 figures released in 1978's Star Wars line and technically wasn't even a 5POA; it was a 4POA as Kenner molded the helmet as part of the torso. Kenner's next attempt, which we purposely did not feature above due to its number of POAs, was in 1995's The Power of the Force (POTF2) line and featured both a swivel head and waist upping its POA to six.  It appeared this [...]

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The Imperial Troop Transport(er)/Cruiser

Thanks to StarWars-Figuren.com we now have the first boxed images of the new Imperial Troop Transport.  As long time collectors and fans will know, this marks the third version of this vehicle to appear as a Star Wars action figure vehicle. The first arrived in Kenner's 1978 Star Wars line as the "Imperial Troop Transporter".  The second was only a few years later as the "Imperial Cruiser" in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back Line. The first two versions share the same mold with some electronic and color changes but the newest version which made its television debut on the Star Wars Rebels episode "Fighter Flight" is a brand new sculpt which has been modified from Kenner's original design. This was announced to be released in January 2015. Until [...]

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New Mini Displays from Boutros77

One of our favorite Star Wars action figure diorama builders, the extremely talented Boutros77 sends us an update with his latest creations.  His newest batch includes an Original Trilogy, a Prequel Trilogy (which is awesome and rare from the artist) and an Original Jones Trilogy (still ignoring Crystal Skull for the time being) mini display. You can find more of Boutros77's work in the links below and you can read our Fans of Force Figures exclusive interview with him here. Hello all, Hope you're keeping well. Before getting onto the next big project, I'd like to update with a few mini environments. A mini Dagobah style marsh land, The entrance to Palpatines study, & I think my personal favorite, the Grail display. I've attached a [...]

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Happy Life Day!

It's that time of year again where we gather with our friends and family to celebrate the promise of the Tree of Life. Happy Life Day everyone from your friends at From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com! For the last 36 years fans have had the privilege of celebrating the traditions first seen on the Star Wars Holiday Special.  We here are huge fans of the admittedly awful variety show and always look forward to sitting down each November 17th for our annual viewing. Now we are not alone in our love for this vintage program, as it should be no surprise based on the logo, but the cast of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast are such big fans that they last year produced one of best tributes to the Holiday Special found [...]

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The (Rebels Toy) Force Awakens At Toys “R” Us in Canada!

"I just returned from an early Christmas shopping excursion and stopped at my Toys “R” Us in Windsor, Ontario.  After a lengthy delay, Rebels action figures have finally arrived in my area.  In fact the entire Star Wars section is FINALLY jam packed with new Star Wars toys. "I picked up five of the new Rebels figures for $6.99 each (minus a 10% discount with my Toys “R” Us/Rebels discount card). They also had the “Reveal the Rebels” three pack featuring the “mystery” Obi Wan Kenobi figure. Oddly enough this was actually cheaper here in Canada than what I paid for last weekend in Michigan by $2. "Lots of discounted 6-inch figures, and a few end caps of regular priced 6-inch biker scouts and Endor [...]

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Timeline

Yesterday MTV.com published a timeline of Hasbro's Star Wars action figures. The timeline is geared more for educating new viewer on where in the Star Wars Saga the new animated series Star Wars Rebels takes place.  The image is very cool but is not a true timeline of the actual figures as it only uses figures from past couple of years (specifically The Black Series, Movie Heroes and Saga Legends lines). As stated by our good friend Criz Bee of Jedibusiness.com, one glaring oversight with the timeline is the lack of any reference to the 6 Season run of The Clone Wars. No word yet if this will actually see print form as a holiday or convention giveaway but if such information surfaces we will [...]

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The Ezra Bridger Variation

The Star Wars Saga Legends Rebels line has just begun to ship in large numbers to retailers and already we have our first variant.  A couple of collector sites last week have already announced this but there is a variant out there of the Ezra Bridger included in the Toys 'R' Us exclusive Mission Series Jedi Reveal 3-pack. The first version (pictured on the left above) includes an insignia on Ezra's jacket with very little detail when compared to the second (corrected) version. The reason for the two differing variations is yet unknown but this is something that can be common at the beginning of a new figure line.  It reminds us of the two significantly different variations of the first Darth Maul figure released in the [...]

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