IMG_0268“I just returned from an early Christmas shopping excursion and stopped at my Toys “R” Us in Windsor, Ontario.  After a lengthy delay, Rebels action figures have finally arrived in my area.  In fact the entire Star Wars section is FINALLY jam packed with new Star Wars toys.

“I picked up five of the new Rebels figures for $6.99 each (minus a 10% discount with my Toys “R” Us/Rebels discount card). They also had the “Reveal the Rebels” three pack featuring the “mystery” Obi Wan Kenobi figure. Oddly enough this was actually cheaper here in Canada than what I paid for last weekend in Michigan by $2.

“Lots of discounted 6-inch figures, and a few end caps of regular priced 6-inch biker scouts and Endor sets too. Also, the Voice Activated R2-D2 is now $199.99 which is insane considering I got mine for $99 about 5 years ago.

“I think Hasbro has finally come up with a colourful scheme on the cards that works.  Just the right amount of orange highlighting the grey/black background of the Stormtrooper background.  The size of the cards may not appeal to long time collectors since they’re much smaller than we’re used to but I think it’s a nice change of pace.

“I would have liked to have seen more 3 3/4” figures, like Sabine, Hera and Zeb and a lot less Star Wars Command packages, but hey, I just bought 4 brand new Star Wars characters!”


Mike MacDonald is a contributor to and Star Wars blogger at Looking Away To The Horizon found at

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