Force(d) Laughter by Jay McDowell

For more Force(d) Laughter  click the "Carbonite Comics Presents" banner above! Do you have an idea, or comic strip series made from Star Wars figures and would like to have it featured in Carbonite Comics Presents, please send us some samples to as we would love to see them.

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I.C.E. Seattle’s First Anniversary

One year ago today in Seattle, Washington, started one of the most impressive Star Wars collector events to ever take place.  I.C.E. (International Collector's Event) Seattle was put on by Seattle's (and the country's) oldest Star Wars collecting club, SARLACC.  The Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Collectors Club was founded by Gus Lopez and other Seattle collectors in 1994 and boasts an active and thriving membership still today and on Labor Day weekend 2013 they put on an exclusive 5-day "convention" for a handful of lucky collectors from around the world. Among the many highlights of the event was the release of The I.C.E. Star. Obliviously taking after the vintage international cardboard version of the Death Star Playset, this star features the collections of many of the collectors who live [...]

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“Don’t Bring Modern to a Vintage Shoot!”

Jake spent the afternoon with Tom from to talk "The Power of the Force" line of action figures. What happened next can only be titled, "Don't Bring Modern to a Vintage Shoot". Caution to viewers as figures were  harmed in the creation of this video and while we don't condone the destruction of Star Wars action figures, Tom is the "OT Curmudgeon" and so its to be forgiven.

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Galaxy of Toys Podcasts

  Episode 31: Vintage Kenner Diecast Star Wars Vehicles: Jason, Tom, Ryan and Jake are joined by Matt Fox from This Week In Star Wars Podcast.  The guys discuss the vintage Kenner line of diecast metal Star Wars vehicles produced in the late 70's and early 80's.

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Star Wars: Brain of the Ark Begins!

From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is proud to present the newest Star Wars Toyscapes  adventure Star Wars: Brain of the Ark  by John Caliber. Join us next Wednesday (August 27th) for Episode 2!

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Rebels and Hasbro debuts now on The Collector’s Calendar

With today's announcement that the one-hour Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion movie will be released on multiple formats over a handful of dates at the beginning of October we have performed a major update on The Collector's Calendar. Updates include Hasbro figure release schedules from San Diego Comic-Con, all Star Wars Rebels shorts and premiere dates, Del Rey's novel (canon) and Marvel Comic's comic book (canon) release schedules. And as always, From 4-LOM to is committed to keeping you up-to-date on all figure releases, dates and major Star Wars related events and so if you have information, events or dates to share, let us know on our official Facebook page.

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Toy Stable Toy Run with

This past weekend Chris from and Jake of made a toy run to some of the more popular toy and antique shops south of Seattle. Always on the lookout for variations, holes in the collection and figure upgrades these two Star Wars figure completest had a lot of fun looking at what the area had to offer. For $15 and with the addition of a spare canopy, Jake ended up with an upgraded vintage "Battle Damaged' X-Wing Fighter minus the battle damage. The final leg of their run ended with a trip to the legendary Toy Stable (now officially called "Toy Stable's Attic").  The toy store, located literally among real working horse stables on the property of the previous owner Lynne Husted, has undergone [...]

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