1 Day to Go ’till The Force Awakens

With just one day left until the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens we are beyond excited to learn which Hasbro vehicles, build-a-weapons and characters will actually have screen-time in Episode VII. In just over 24 hours fans and collectors will be able to begin creating accurate displays, dioramas and new ways of organizing their figures (Jakku, Starkiller Base, etc.)!   Like many of you we'll be seeing the film with some great collectors and friends and the Force in Seattle is so strong that SARLACC even had premiere t-shirts made! The great thing about collecting during a movie year is that there is typically a steady stream of figures to hunt for and especially during the holidays. We like many others on the West Coast are actively looking for [...]

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Your Star Wars Guide for Emerald City Comicon 2015

It’s that time of the year when Seattle fills-up with cartoon characters, comic books and cosplay as 2015’s Emerald City Comicon kicks off this Friday. And once again, we here at From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com have put together a guide to make sure that your trip to the con is packed full with content from a galaxy far, far away. This year Jake Stevens has once again teamed up with fellow Seattle Area Lucasfilm Collectors Club (SARLACC) members Gus Lopez (The Star Wars Collector Archive), Ryan Beise (Galaxy of Toys Podcast) and Chris Bortz (JediBuisness.com) to host a panel about the history of Star Wars action figures titled, “Star Wars Action Figures: Collect All 3000?!?”.  Stop in for an action figure history lesson or just to say hi to [...]

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“SARLACC 20” & Galaxy of Toys Returns

Last month SARLACC (Seattle Area Lucasfilm Artifact Collector Club) celebrated their 20th Anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, the collecting club hosted a three-day event which consisted of toys runs, trivia contests and the viewing of some of the most amazing Star Wars collections in the area.  Now Seattle is becoming no stranger to epic Star Wars events as these series of parties was held one-year after ICE Seattle event which brought collectors from all over the world to Seattle for a five-day collector event. To read more about ICE, the International Collectors Event, click on the pic. “S20”, as members of SARLACC affectionately referred to September’s anniversary event, began on a Friday with a party hosted at the home of Galaxy of Toys Podcast’s host [...]

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I.C.E. Seattle’s First Anniversary

One year ago today in Seattle, Washington, started one of the most impressive Star Wars collector events to ever take place.  I.C.E. (International Collector's Event) Seattle was put on by Seattle's (and the country's) oldest Star Wars collecting club, SARLACC.  The Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Collectors Club was founded by Gus Lopez and other Seattle collectors in 1994 and boasts an active and thriving membership still today and on Labor Day weekend 2013 they put on an exclusive 5-day "convention" for a handful of lucky collectors from around the world. Among the many highlights of the event was the release of The I.C.E. Star. Obliviously taking after the vintage international cardboard version of the Death Star Playset, this star features the collections of many of the collectors who live [...]

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Your Star Wars Guide for Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon, which as grown to become the 3rd largest comic convention in the United States, is taking place this weekend.  From Friday, March 29th, to Sunday, March 31st,  fans of all types will descend upon Seattle to indulge in their fandom of choice. This year, we have teamed up with Gus Lopez (The Star Wars Collector Archive), Ryan Beise (Galaxy of Toys Podcast) and Chris Bortz (Jedi-Buisness.com) to host a panel about the history of Star Wars action figures titled, "Star Wars Action Figures: Collect All 3000?!?" Of course, it goes without saying that we here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss have an affinity for all things Force related, so we have put together a guide to help you Star Warsify your ECCC [...]

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