One year ago today in Seattle, Washington, started one of the most impressive Star Wars collector events to ever take place.  I.C.E. (International Collector’s Event) Seattle was put on by Seattle’s (and the country’s) oldest Star Wars collecting club, SARLACC.  The Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Collectors Club was founded by Gus Lopez and other Seattle collectors in 1994 and boasts an active and thriving membership still today and on Labor Day weekend 2013 they put on an exclusive 5-day “convention” for a handful of lucky collectors from around the world.

Late August 201Among the many highlights of the event was the release of The I.C.E. Star. Obliviously taking after the vintage international cardboard version of the Death Star Playset, this star features the collections of many of the collectors who live in the Seattle area.  Designed by the talented graphic designers within the collector club, it also features a very youthful looking Gus Lopez on the box.  Within the halls of The I.C.E. Star you’ll find the following collections:

The Bobacabana

Late August 210 Late August 216

Late August 217

Lake Kathleena Cantina

Late August 208 Late August 214 Late August 219

The Death Star Theater

Late August 209 Late August 215 Late August 222

The Empire Strikes Bock

Late August 207 Late August 213Late August 218

Here is a better look at the panels which consist of both actual pictures and artistic depictions of the four world-class collections.

The Seattletoys playset retailed for $75 at the event and was designed largely by Curt Hanks Design. The I.C.E. Star was not the only 3 3/4″ action figure inspired item at the event.  The overly generous members of SARLACC produced a large amount of free giveaways and incredible swag bags. Here is just a fraction of the collectibles given over the five days.

Late August 224

A Kenner style mini catalog was given to each attendee as a guide to parties over the long Labor Day weekend.  Coins resembling those found in vintage The Power of the Force line were created and given at each party. Pin trading, room sales, craft fair and exclusive memorabilia sales made this a truly collector-focused event.

Late August 228

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I.C.E. Seattle may have been a year in the planning, included a large amount of coordinated design work, personal funds to produce memorabilia and long hours of volunteered time but in the end it was worth every last minute and dime of effort. While it may be sometime before SARLACC will once again play host, they are hoping optimistically that other collector clubs and regions of the world will be inspired to open their homes and collections to host the next International Collectors Event.