The Disney Store’s Figure Collector

We couldn't have been happier to read the latest entry, written by fellow collector Steve Sansweet, posted to the official Star Wars Blog.  Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, and its pricey Star Wars franchise, continues to happily surprise us.  Sansweet's blog post introduced us to the faces behind The Disney Store's recent Star Wars immersion and what a joy it was to discover that the Vice President of Sales for North America is a hardcore collector! Jonathan Storey is a lifelong Star Wars collector and clearly has brought his passion into The Disney Stores and their new merchandise.  From 4-LOM to Zuckuss must confess to being fans of the new talking 13" figures, the plush Bantha and are looking forward to picking up the figurine sets. Storey's knowledge [...]

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New TRU Exclusives – A Potentially Pricey Lot!

Good gravy! It looks like we will be dropping some serious money at Toys R Us in the future. Rebelscum has information on potential exclusives coming to Toys R Us. Now contrary to the US amounts listed in the article - its our belief that the prices listed in pounds will actually be the US prices. $100 for Battle on Endor set seems reasonable considering the cost for a single figure is up to $10 and we are getting 8 of them plus a what was once a $20-$30 vehicle. The Cantina Showdown could simply be 3-4 figures with a bar piece for $40 (fingers crossed for the middle "dispenser" piece). The real question is- what could possibly be added to a Rancor set to justify [...]

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Star Wars In the Last 7…

In the last seven days... ~ Star Wars, the film that revolutionized science fiction, Hollywood, marketing, and the toy world turned 37 years old. And the great thing about being a Star Wars collector is that due to the enormous about of merchandise produced over the last 30 and a half decades we are always learning new things such as... ~ For the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves toy line the Battle Wagon was not only a reissue of the Ewok BattleWagon Vehicle but also included the Ewok Assault Catapult Accessory which was attached to the top of the wagon in place of the Bantha Skull.  This has now been updated in our Sister Lines database. ~ Lucasfilm officially announced the director, writer and release date of [...]

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Podcast Celebration of Episode I’s 15th Anniversary

May 19th marks the fifteenth anniversary of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  No other time in movie or action figure history was anticipation for a film property and its merchandise bigger.  We joined Galaxy of Toys Podcast for a retrospective celebration of the epic event that was the release of Episode I action figures and toys. From CommTech Chips to Battle Bags, Podracers to Sith Infiltrators and Sio Bibble to Eopies we break down some of the massive amount of toys released on the first Midnight Madness. Give it a listen and share your Phantom Menace memories on the Galaxy of Toy's Facebook! While we prepare to do it all over again with the Sequel Trilogy next year, May the Figures be with you!

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Collection, Question and Speculation!

Its been a fun roller-coaster of rumors and news over the last few weeks! As we have now met the cast for both Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Episode VII and celebrated our first "official" Star Wars Day last Sunday, we are starting to speculate once again about the what the future holds for the franchise and our beloved action figure line. So our first question was inspired by an image Paul Bateman (concept designer and student of Ralph McQuarrie) recently posted comparing Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness to the recently announced Ep VII actor Domhall Gleeson. Could we see the return of some familiar Force Ghosts?  Would they appear to all Jedi or just Luke himself?  Time will tell of course but in the [...]

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Happy Star Wars Day! #MT4thBWY

Happy Star Wars Day!  Its such an exciting time once again to be a Star Wars fan.  With new books, comics, figures, video games, TV series and motion pictures to look forward to, why wouldn't we want to celebrate Star Wars! What started as a fan creation "May the 4th" has turned into an official Star Wars Day now that it has been embraced by both parent companies: Lucasfilm and Disney.  Today both fans and stores will be celebrating the Force.  The good folks over at Star Wars Action News have put together a nice list of special offers and swag available. Not to be missed this day is first trailer for Star Wars Rebels which debuted early this morning online and will air again later [...]

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The Nerdist shows truth behind Kenner Commercials

The Nerdist takes a behind scenes look at what really went on while filming Kenner's The Return of the Jedi Collection commercial.  Who knew Gammorean Guards were so desirable! Kenner provided tons of commercials for the vintage line but in the modern line commercials have been somewhat scarce.  We hope to see a reemergence of them with new Star Wars media coming later this year and of course with next year's Episode VII! May the Figures be with you!

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Star Wars Rebels Influences

We here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss can't help but to feel that we are picking up some familiar vibes from the cast of Star Wars Rebels.  If the show's character chemistry and dynamics is anything like the ill-fated Firefly we'll be in for one fantastic ride. We have already pointed out in the past how the archetypes also follow a another group of rebels we are all quite fond of. With all of these elements combined, the debut of Star Wars Rebels has us as excited as we are for Episode VII's debut.  Don't forget that the first trailer for Rebels will premiere this Sunday on May the Fourth during the news Lego Star Wars Yoda Chronicles episode! May the Figures be with you!  

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