10325127_10152842108864867_3558157981282956869_nGood gravy! It looks like we will be dropping some serious money at Toys R Us in the future. Rebelscum has information on potential exclusives coming to Toys R Us.

Now contrary to the US amounts listed in the article – its our belief that the prices listed in pounds will actually be the US prices.

$100 for Battle on Endor set seems reasonable considering the cost for a single figure is up to $10 and we are getting 8 of them plus a what was once a $20-$30 vehicle.

The Cantina Showdown could simply be 3-4 figures with a bar piece for $40 (fingers crossed for the middle “dispenser” piece).

The real question is- what could possibly be added to a Rancor set to justify $130!?! Give us your best prediction on our Facebook page!