Episode VII Figure Leaks and Thoughts

What started with an ebay auction of a single 3 3/4" Kylo Ren figure turned into a day full of leaked action figure reveals. Flooding social media today, the following are the photos that appeared from @ChuckDukas and others throughout Twitter and Facebook. So far there are 12 basic figures which feature a combiner feature. As it appears in Aurebesh, "COMBINE FOREST GEAR" is written below each combiner piece. The figures appear to follow the Snow/Desert/Jungle/Space themes rumored a few months ago. All but one of the characters featured in the first wave have been seen before. The exception would be Constable Zuvio who made his debut today. Also revealed today were 8 Armored figures. Each comes with what we speculate to [...]

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We’re Back and Gearing Up for Force Friday!

We are back from our Summer hiatus and just in time to get ready for #ForceFriday this coming September 4th. We are stoked for the onslaught of new Star Wars merch that will be coming between now and the end of the year. While we were away a little event called San Diego Comic-Con took place and brought with it quite a few reveals and surprises.  The least revealing was that of Hasbro as they showed very little (and this we'll break down in a future article for historical purposes as its been covered quite thoroughly fellow Star Wars Community members). Many have grumbled over Hasbro's lack of reveals for the upcoming Midnight Madness but as our friend Matt Fox pointed out on his highly informative podcast [...]

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Hasbro Interview Questions & SDCC Details

With San Diego Comic Con just a few days away we have received our time slot for a ten minute interview with Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team. If there are questions you have about their Star Wars toy lines please let us know and we'd be happy to ask Hasbro for you! Please contact via the usual channels below: Send an email to 4LOMKUSS@gmail.com Comment on this article on our official Facebook page Send us a Tweet on our official Twitter page Now one unique thing about Hasbro's solicitation for interviews this time is that is it did not include the all too common ban or stipulation about The Force Awakens questions. This is of course not confirmation that TFA questions will be answered but [...]

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And SDCC’s Exclusive is…not 3 3/4″

Yesterday morning's announcement of Hasbro's Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusive left us scratching our heads and a bit perplexed. The lack of a 3 3/4" action figure offering is a bit disappointing, as this year's SDCC would the last big event prior to the line's launch on Force Friday (September 4th, 2015). Its scary to think that the cards may be starting to become stacked against the original scale that started it all. We believe Hasbro when they say the 3 3/4" line isn't going anywhere but what we may not be reading between their lines is that it may not be the golden child it once was. Here are just a few of the observations we have made in regards to Hasbro's new favorite [...]

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Galaxy of Toys on 10 years of ROTS

The gang from Galaxy of Toys Podcast is back with another episode and this time its all about Revenge of the Sith. Join the hosts as they chat about the good and the bad of 10 years of Episode III action figures! In Episode 44, the topic of the Midnight Madness event comes up and believe it or not we are only now 98 days until our next one! Force Friday, aka September 4th, can not get here fast enough. As the #forcefridaycountdown continues, May the Figures be with you!

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Galaxy of Toys’ Force Friday Speculation

In Galaxy of Toy Podcast's Episode 43 the hosts discuss Hasbro's promotional calendar and speculate on what may appear on shelves on "Force Friday" September 4th. Now according to the calendar to marks the second Friday of the 18 week countdown to the release of The Force Awakens toy line. Below you'll find the upcoming week's calendar pages. Finally, discussed was the Topps Card Trader app and if you want to trade the hosts make sure to add them to your friend's list: Jake aka "4LOMKUSS" Criz aka "JEDIBUSINESS" Jason aka "GALAXYOFTOYS" Ryan aka "MRBYZ" For a complete list of all Galaxy of Toys Podcast shows, episodes and special guests check out the link at the top of the page or simply just [...]

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Hasbro’s Countdown to Force Friday

Thanks to our friends at Hasbro and Hunter PR we have received the fantastic #FORCEFRIDAYCOUNTDOWN calendar! The promotional calendar, which highlights the Star Wars toy producing legacy of Kenner and Hasbro, counts down each day from May the 4th to when The Force Awakens line of toys debut on September 4th aka Force Friday. Below is the statement which was included in the mailer. Dear Star Wars Fans, Before looking to the future and a brand-new line of Hasbro toys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we want you to join us in looking back at nearly four decades of Kenner and Hasbro Star Wars history. The enclosed calendar will count down the days until Force Friday on September 4, 2015, the day the long-awaited [...]

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